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Barbara Bush: An American Woman

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It’s sad that we only saw a few pictures of Barbara Bush until today. There are so many lovely pictures all over the internet that were NEVER seen while her husband was in office, it’s a pity to bring them all out now. Barbara was kept in the background, and you very seldom heard her speak. No doubt, that without her by his side, George W. would not have gotten to be President.

One thing you have to admit about both George H.W. and George W….they both married good women.

But, I just want to mention something I find rather ironic. I think both George and Barbara voted for Hillary Clinton in the last election, so isn’t it funny, that right before the primaries, Barbara was the one woman who gave her OWN opinion in front of the world. Should her son Jeb, run for the Presidency?

And she said, plainly and honestly, that she didn’t think America would want a third term of the Bush family.

I was shocked, but loved it, because it was…so true. I often wondered if the Bush men chewed her out for making such a remark.

Mrs. Bush sure wasn’t the weak little zop American woman now was she?

I guess Hillary didn’t think any American women could ‘stand up to their man’ when it came to voting, yet here a first lady doing exactly that.

Something that HILLARY never did. (Stand up to her man.)

Barbara Bush, the wife of a President and the mother of another, blurted out the truth, that was pretty obvious to the American political system. THAT took some courage.

I was listening to her talk today on C-Span about how the first family really gets everything paid for. Very seldom do you have to pay for anything. Maybe some eggs up at Camp David. She admitted that they had over 90 ‘servants’ to take care of their every whim.

Barbara Bush knew how lucky she was. And Nobody Thinks, they kept her away from the microphones because I doubt if she wouldn’t have just said what she thought.

THAT’s a true American woman.

No matter what I think of the Bush dynasty of men, both Barbara and Laura represented our country with grace and honor.

Melania is doing the very same.

I don’t think anybody thought Mrs. Bush would pass before her husband, and if they were as in love as everyone says they were…he won’t last too much longer without her.

Like I said, too bad they didn’t let us get to know her better.



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