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America: Socialism in our Schools–How Long Has This Been Going On?

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What you don’t know, they figure, won’t hurt you: America already HAS a socialized educational system. No matter how bad our schools are, things go on just the same as always. You never hear a politician talk about our schools.

The other day, I was watching some kind of panel on C-Span, with four conservative women. And they were discussing the fact that many Americans knew NOTHING about socialism. Why, in other countries you don’t get to PICK what occupation you want to go into, it’s picked for you. If they want you to go into agriculture, then that’s where you will go: to study agriculture. That was what they were saying.


All of a sudden, it dawned on me: OMG…how come I didn’t see this before? How stupid could I have been NOT to have see this before?

Ever so slowly, our schools have become socialized to the hilt. Step by step. It’s just hidden from us all. And they nudge all our children into their little peg holes. Very quietly.

For Example: When I was young, my parents moved to Naples, Florida to be near my grandparents who had retired there. It was a small town, only about 10,000 people at the time. I remember in the first grade, I had trouble reading. My teacher was VERY concerned and promised to work with me, which she did, for an hour a week for about two weeks. You see, now I know I had dyslexia, but back then, they didn’t know about it. Still, once I got it, I GOT it, and never stopped reading. I even remember the “viola!” moment.

In fact, I loved reading so much I spent my lunch time all through grade school in the library.

YES. They let a kid do that that back then.

Things really took off in the 4th grade. In fact, math became my favorite subject and like my mother before me, I excelled at it. My teacher, was superb.

The difference in Naples, were the teachers.

Then, my parents moved back to St. Louis, where they were told the schools would be MUCH better. They weren’t. They were already becoming little prisons. New Math was being introduced and I hated it. The teachers were boring, almost mean. In high school, even though I wrote the best papers in the class on Shakespeare, my teacher was furious at me for not taking off my makeup to do some play. I had the worst acne in the world, and I refused. The teachers became control freaks instead of mentors.

Now, when I got to high school, they told the kids they could PICK their classes. So, I did. All my friends got every class they wanted. I got none. Every year it was the same. I wanted into art, but they told me to take typing. Always, every year was, “That class is full.”

I wanted out of high school so badly, but my father pointed out that it was stupid to quit, and I knew he was right.

College was no different.

Why couldn’t I just take the classes I wanted to? After all, isn’t that the America way? We pay YOU, and it’s up to us to pass the class?

No, they MAKE you take this course and that course, wasting years of your young life, making you take courses you will never use. All to make THEM money. Later on, I realized that Steve Jobs thought just the way I did. But he somehow got to visit the classes for free. After two years, I couldn’t figure out a major so they basically said, “Sorry.” Go home.

Now, you may or may not get into the school of your choice due to ‘diversity.’ If you are white: good luck.

Tell me that’s American. It’s not. It’s absurd. And it hurts our country to not let the brightest excel, explore, and go on to help our country.

That’s how it USE to be. That’s what sent us to the moon, when men and women did calculations in their heads.

REAL Education in America, is almost extinct. And that’s why we went from Thomas Jefferson to Maxine Waters.

Later on, I won’t go into the details, but ALWAYS the administration put the kids where they wanted them to be. They ACTED like it was their decision, but it wasn’t. I fought the school system all through my son’s life. And the kids that excelled or who were bright? They pushed them down hard. Everybody had to be equal. Bright kids get bored. I saw so many bright kids being pushed and punished for just being creative. They had to wait for the other kids to catch up.

Back then, only a very few out a class of a thousand got scholarships. Now, they give them out like candy. Half the senior class gets scholarships, and most of them are black.

But there was one thing that REALLY disturbed me when my son was in grade school. Every day the teacher made the kids write in their diary about what happens at home. The parents were NOT allowed to see it.

That’s floored me. Later on, parents weren’t even allowed into the school without permission. Even if school was closed. EVEN if they knew you and you could sign in.

They did NOT allow any parent in the school.

Now, I know this might not be happening in small towns, but in big democratic cites, I truly believe our schools are probably not run much different than schools in say…Germany or Russia.

To me, they are run like prisons, and it’s no wonder kids are so dumbed down, and buy into Bernie Sanders dreams of socialism. Where ALL students are treated equally.

Even Thomas Edison knew way back when that the schools were horrible.

“I am frequently asked about our system of education. I say that we have none. Our system is a relic of past ages.”

It’s an amazing revelation to me how the adult teachers in some of our schools don’t rebel. But then, they would lose their jobs now, wouldn’t they?

Example: Stephen King, who was an English teacher is completely ignorant when it comes to politics. His attacks on President Trump are beyond stupid. He IS the quintessence example of the elite intellectuals who thinks he knows it all. But compare King to Trump. Sure, he writes entertaining books, but have any of those books changed your life?

Our teachers and administrators are taught that the parents know nothing. And now, if your child is being taught gay sex in school, YOU HAVE NO SAY.

How can we, as a country, compete with the years of dictatorial/socialism that has infiltered all our schools?

School choice? Too late.

Only home school is the answer, and I applaud one of my readers, MRS O, for home schooling all her children. Now THAT is a smart woman.

In the 21st century, your only choice is to be sure and teach your children at home, and if you can’t, get them to read and think.

Which brings us to the democratic elections:

Everybody seems to think, after watching the President on CPAC last week, that the democratic contest will be between Biden and Bernie. The Crypt Keeper and the Capitalist Communist. The Damaged Brain and the Damaged Heart. Whatever. What they do have in common is full-fledged all out socialism. Complete government control over everybody’s life.

Our schools will keep on being hotbeds of state-run propaganda machines if either of these two manage to get elected.

Wait…they almost are now. Not all our schools, but too many of them.

And the fact that nobody in our Congress even talks about it, lets you know, exactly how we got to the place where a major full fledge criminal like Biden, and Bernie the Cuban loving socialist could have made it so far in the democratic party.

It all started in our schools.

Fix them, and you will fix the future.

And that’s the real question isn’t it? How do you undo the damage?

Nobody Knows.

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  1. Bless your heart Joyanna ~ thank you for that sweet accolade! Actually I learned so much along WITH my children, because much of what was happening in my public school days was just the beginnings of what was going on during my kids’ growing up years.
    And what is going on THESE days ~ well I feel sorry for the kids going to the public schools nowadays.
    Thanks for your posts; keep up the good work!
    Blessings, Mrs. O


    Comment by Mrs. O | March 3, 2020 | Reply

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