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Nobody’s Fool: Charles Krauthammer

Nobody’s Fool:

By now the world has heard about a radical Islamic jihadist gunning down and killing 4 Marines in Tennessee who were in gun free zones because our Muslim President doesn’t want to ‘offend’ Muslims.

Krauthammer puts Obama’s lack of concern for the American people in sweeter terms than most of us would.

So, congratulations Mr. Krauthammer! You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for the week!

(Ok. I still watch the GOOD guys on FOX..sigh.)

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Nobody’s Fool: The Reporters

Nobody’s Fool

This week, we have the conservative rock of Fox News, Charles Krauthammer staying ON the talking point of, where exactly was the President of the United States during the Benghazi attack? Obama and his press lackeys want everyone to just ‘drop it.’

And that is why Eric Holder and Obama are trying to take control of the various scandals with the spin of, “Hey, We didn’t have anything to do with any of the scandals, so trust us, and let’s move FORWARD! To a new day! That’s all in the past, and we’ll fix it! Come to my meeting and I’ll answer your questions, you just can’t print them.”

And today we have seen, in a rare moment of sanity (or changing of the old guard to the ‘We want to get rid of Obama, and set up Hillary.’ mode)  CNN, the New York Times, AND the Huffington Post refused to show up along with their rival, FOX NEWS.

So, several liberals reporters are siding with FOX.

It’s about time: Let’s see how long this lasts. I’m betting…at the most…a week.



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