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Nobody’s Fool: Sharyl Attkisson Explains the Internet

Nobody’s Fool

A long time ago, when the internet first got started, BEFORE Google, you could trust most anything you read on the internet.

I remember trying to figure out what condition my son had once in high school, and I spend hours on Netscape reading dissertations written by all the experts in the field, from reports they had written in college. It wasn’t hard to find hundreds of articles written by experts.

In fact, I figured it out long before the doctors. It took them four years. And I got so much information that one of the intern doctors did his college theses on what I had discovered.

That’s no longer the case. Google a condition, ANY condition, and you get…Jello. You get what they want you to see. Much of it is mush.

Here’s Sheryl Attkinson explains just how controlled the internet is.

Most people have no clue this is going on.

Sheryl Attkinsson, is one of the few remaining research reporters, who always give the fact. She’s simply the best at what she does.

If you have the time, it’s worth the watch.


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Nobody’s Fool: Dick Morris

Nobody’s Fool

Obama has been quite the successful President hasn’t he? I still can’t get over our astronauts having to go to Russia to get a ride into outer space….

Well, that’s a big loss, but not as big a loss as the loss of free speech on the internet everywhere.

Is this really going to happen? Will the only place we be able to tell our real thoughts be on our XBOX’s?

While I am still having trouble wondering WHY Dick Morris worked for the Clintons’ for so long…

Dick is…Nobody’s Fool. I try not to miss any of his video’s.

Thanks Dick, you win the Nobody’s Fool Award for surviving the Clinton machine and coming to your senses.

Not many people who have worked with them, have lived to tell the tale.

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