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Nobody’s Fool: Alfonzo Rachel

Nobody’s Fool

Alfonzo Rachel is one smart guy, and he says things that you won’t hear anywhere else. But what he says in this rant is so true, it makes you happy that he is out there kicking out these video’s, because we are all thinking this stuff and nobody is saying it. I also like the way he speeds up Obama’s voice, it’s very effective.

I’m a big fan.

He makes some excellent points on drugs, and immigration, and does it with a sense of humor.

So, Alfonzo wins the Nobody’s Fool award for the week.

Congratulations Alfonzo…keep up the good work.

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Nobody’s Fool: ZO

Nobody’s Fool

Here’s another breath of fresh air from ‘Zo’, who calls a spade a spade, and lays out that Democrats are racists.

Nobody Agrees: Democrats divide every human being into race classes. Instead of seeing everyone as people. And then they play the races against each other.

If there is one thing that has happened that is good in these last few years, many black men and women are starting to wake up to the Democratic slave plantation.


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