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Nobody’s Perfect: Barack Hussein Obama VS William Tecumseh Sherman

Nobody’s Perfect

This week, Obama has finally laid down his last grab card: He wants to raise taxes by 1.5 trillion— because frankly, Greece is going to default and the United States tax-payer is going to bail her out. Okay, he didn’t say that but Geithner thinks it and who is whose boss? You tell me.

Obama is desperate for more money, and why? The destruction of the United States MUST continue. Even Rush Limbaugh has determined that this destruction of America is being done on purpose. Nobody agrees more. And that’s why I’m comparing Obama to our old Union Civil War General, William Sherman.

General Sherman was a man who fundamentally changed America forever. He was the Union’s most vicious officer, and whatever you may think of slavery, Sherman was not out to free the slaves. It was the Southern people he was out to destroy. In a letter he wrote to his wife he said:

“At least 100,000 men in the South must die or be banished before we can think of peace. I know them like a book. They can’t help it any more than the Indians can their wild nature.”

Sherman had little resistance as he marched his path of destruction to the sea…he literally burned his way through the South, destroying cities, railroads, and all the crops. It was Sherman who completely destroyed half the country, leaving thousands homeless, thousands hungry, and hundreds of thousands dead.  Yes, Sherman destroyed a whole civilization with an army. Obama is destroying America with his ruthless attacks on the very foundations that made it great.

‘President’ Obama’s new suggestions include tax increases on high-income families, oil and gas companies and U.S.-based corporations that earn profits overseas, federal employees, air travelers, military retirees, and that’s just the start. EVERYONE knows: tax the rich, and they pass the cost right back at cha.

Even people who don’t have an online accounting degrees should know that.

It’s all in how you define “rich.” Rich is pretty much anyone who is employed. After all, 45 percent of the people pay no taxes whatsoever, and that fine plan will continue under Obama. (See video below) But Buffet, Immelt, Kerry, Clinton…and the Obama’s will continue to pay very little in taxes. We all know that.

Electric will go up. Gas will go up. Food will go up. The dollar will be worthless. We now have the highest poverty rate in over 50 years. Obama is paving a death march of a depression that will put the final nail in not only the South, but burn it’s way throughout the North, West, and East. The final mass invasion from Mexico will be a piece of cake.

Sherman also wrote:
“I begin to regard the death and mangling couple of thousand men as a small affair, a kind of morning dash and I may be well that we become so hardened. The whole population of Iowa and Wisconsin should be transferred at once to West Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi. “

Obama believes in transferring stuff too…wealth to his friends at home, and to the third world countries:

By the time Barack Obama became president, it also became obvious that U.N. climate-change politics are not only a vehicle to serve his goal of “fundamentally transforming the United States,” but also his goal of spreading the wealth. Obama seeks to spread the wealth not only from taxpaying to non-taxpaying Americans, but also from America to Third World countries.-Phyllis Schlafly.

Obama could very well have said the same: “I begin to regard the death and hardships of a few hundred million people as a small affair, a kind of morning dash, and I may be well that I have become so hardened. The whole wealth of the country should be transferred at once to the Oval Office, where I can then distribute it where I deem it should go, and the rest of the world. “

Sherman destroyed the South, but Obama is on a path to destroy the whole country.

You tell me who will win in history.

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  1. Mmmm…While most Americans can put Sherman up there among the greatest generals ever in American History, to say that Sherman “avoided” hurting the population, makes me wonder …How? He starved them, burned down their farms, slaughered their animals, confiscated anything they had….and had no qualms about killing them if they resisted, His march to the sea is infamous. The “ethics” of HOW he did is looked upon as necesary to “save the Union” and like Truman’s decision release nukes on Japan, when the purpose is to “win” the war, then that’s how you do it….and it’s regarded in American History as patriotic.

    So,Nobody Thinks you CAN compare two men and their methods of destruction. The main difference is that Sherman did it to preserve the union…and Obama does it to tear it apart.


    Comment by joyannaadams | June 10, 2012 | Reply

  2. You cannot compare William Tecumseh Sherman to Barack Obama.

    William Tecumseh Sherman was a brilliant military general who avoided hurting the populace, tore down a feeble, weak, unstable government and used strategy in order to /bring/ the United States back together.

    Politics may be war, but in this country? One group of people make war, and leave the most noble, brave men to fight it. So you cannot compare a dedicated, hard working soldier who /refused/ to enter politics and backstab his people to a politician. You just cannot do it.


    Comment by Georgia Montoya | June 9, 2012 | Reply

  3. […] Adams: Barack Hussein Obama VS William Tecumseh Sherman General Sherman was a man who fundamentally changed America forever. He was the Union’s most […]


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