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After I was introduced to this man by my reader amfortas, I’ve become transfixed by his every speech. Our Americans leaders do not even come near someone of this intelligence.

If you have never heard this guy talk, he is talking about the absurdity of trying to erase borders by force…he is talking about Europe and it’s problems right now, but everything he says pertains to us too. We are divided into different classes…blacks, Hispanics, whites, Asians…and it’s our diversity that gives the world it’s creativity. Take away that uniqueness and you have …chaos.  Let the Germans be Germans, and the Greeks be Greek, and the Americans stay Americans.

Our pot no longer melts.

Listen, learn…and enjoy.


November 16, 2011 - Posted by | EU | ,


  1. Hey Joyannaadams,
    Thanks, on a related note, Titles are one of the most important aspects of your book. Did you know the average reader, publisher or editor only spends about 6 seconds looking at the front cover of any book. They spend not much longer, about 15 seconds, on the back cover. That leaves an author about 20 seconds to make a good impression on a potential reader. How will your title measure up in those few seconds?
    Nice One!


    Comment by suboxone cost | November 17, 2011 | Reply

  2. Once again, I bask in your credit, Joyanna. I am so glad that you like to hear a REAL intelligence, one of Stature and clarity. I wish I could have been born or educated with the ease that this man can speak. He is very impressive and all the more so because he brokers no complicity with ‘compromise’ or weasel-words; he attacks the ideas, not the man;, and his critiques are fair, reasonable and reasoned.

    I look at the people in Power (sic) in various western countries with some despair. All I see are ‘little’ men and women; as in Winnie the Poo, bears of little brain and a penchant for honey. They have hearts, to be sure, but no brains.

    Europe is a basket-case Dictated to by bureaucrats from the Central Committee. Great Britain is diminished to the point of oblivion; America – the Great Hope for Western civilisation – is a Giant in the clouds roaring “Fee, Fie, Foe, Fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman”. Not one senior politician, there or in any western democratic country, has the Character and Intelligence to be in such positions, and yet they get elected !!

    That would be astonishing were it not for another unspoken thought which as Daniel says, would be considered just as depressing – as the ‘spectre’ of Germany invading Poland simply because the Greeks could not pay their debts would be considered risable.

    That unspoken thought? In democracies the People elect only those who are as thick as the average person. No one wants to have a highly intelligent person in power. It might damage their sacred self-esteem. While Daniel and maybe one or two others that someone might care to name and show us, speak brilliantly and clearly and cogently, he will never be elected to Prime Minister or even Ministerial positions. Other politicians would drag him down and trample him even before the electors had a chance. The ‘Press’ would dance at his funeral pyre. He ‘scares’ even those in power just by his Intellectual capacity.

    So he languishes in the European ‘Parliament’ taking upon himself the task of shining brilliant lights through the Emperor’s transparent clothes.

    And impressing those, like us, who listen.


    Comment by Amfortas | November 16, 2011 | Reply

  3. Daniel Hannan is a rare individual; very well spoken, rapier wit, abounding in common sense. The many interviews I`ve seen and listened to are always a pleasure, always entertaining and informative. His speeches to parliament, and parliament itself, are often reminiscent of, on one hand John Adams or Thomas Jefferson and on the other, Monty Python skits; a real hoot.

    It`s fascinating how well he understands America, her underpinnings, constitution and what makes us unique. I get the impression he`d like to be an American ! We`d be lucky to have him !


    Comment by signpainterguy | November 16, 2011 | Reply

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