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Nobody’s Email: Gun Running…AGAIN

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Nobody wants to know: Committing adultery is considered grounds for dismissal in the military. And yet, according to all reports, the General was having a good time with the pretty lady writing bout him for quite some time…and they certainly would have found out that fact long before he took over CIA.

So…if that’s so..didn’t President Clinton commit adultery? And wasn’t he Commander In Chief? He didn’t resign did he?

Hillary has taken off, and a lot of big talk will be going on..but you can bet that Obama will not be held accountable for anything that happened in Benghazi.

Will the General point out that it was Obama’s decision to let those guys hang, because he was running fast and furious arms to Al Qaeda?

Even if he does admit it…Obama and every one that was in that room, will come up with some big excuse, as to WHY he let those men die…and they will make it sound like it was the hardest and wisest decision ever made by a President. Why…even Lincoln couldn’t have made such a BRAVE decision. The spin will be…remarkable.

You watch and see.

The show goes on.


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