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Who Closed Down The NYSE?

Nobody Wonders

Most of us who read the news have figured out, that Wall Street had some big players who rigged the system long before the crash of 2008, by building a special internet system that got to certain servers owned by certain banks. While it cost them ‘millions’ to build, they knew that even getting information a few seconds before everyone else would give them the ‘edge.’ These ‘players’ received information faster than anybody else, thereby giving them first bids on trading. I read this in Vanity Fair, whose article I do not have in front of me but because this is a blog not a newspaper item, sorry.

Someday I’ll hire a researcher. (LOL!)NYS

I mention it, because I was amazed when I read it. It fit in with our Presidents (George W., Bill  Clinton and Obama) handing over the U.S. treasury to  Goldman’s Sachs Presidents. Have you noticed that hardly ANYBODY anywhere has found this Executive closeness to Wall Street and the Feds a bit…suspicious?

Like I said, I only read about it in Vanity Fair.

Now, China is on the verge of their own 2008, where the little guy is going to lose a lot of money. The E.U. is in a panic…the Euro is in trouble, Greece is about to depart so…this will cause a panic, which they don’t want.

What would the big boys do who control the banks?

Would shutting it down the New York Stock Exchange stop the bleeding? Just tell the public it’s a minor thing, don’t worry, be happy.

And nobody knows what happened. (sure)

The Euro is an important part of the global government plans and so, NOBODY WONDERS…just WHO closed down the New York Stock Exchange to make sure that the right parties did NOT lose big money.

Who buys that there was a computer glitch?

Nobody Wonders.

Nefarious actor

Nefarious actor



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