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Are We Sparta? Or Are We Athens?

Nobody’s Opinion

Today was the first really hot day here in the Mid-West. Global warming is happening in just the right politically correct spots it seems. and Missouri somehow missed the global warming Obama buttcake report. The whole month of June in Missouri was so cool, we had to turn on our heaters at night, and walk around in warm socks.

I noticed it snowed in California, yesterday— In July.

So, my dreams of getting out in the hot sun was FINALLY going to happen. You can imagine how excited I was . I couldn’t wait to jump in the local pool.  I was standing in line waiting to get in, and I noticed a big family of Spanish speaking people in front of me.  There were at least 10 kids, and at $8.00 a head for just the kids, that’s $80.00. And about four adults. ($12.00) I didn’t see any money exchanged. They went in very happily…and somehow manage it without speaking a word of English.  Immigrants, I have noticed, in just the last six months, have virtually flooded my little Missouri ‘city.’ None of them speak English. And they don’t have to. Our schools provide special translators for up to 41 languages. Shopping at the Wal-marts here is like walking around Miami International.

My husband and I walk around Wal-Mart and play, “What language is THAT?” game.Mexicans at Wal mart one

They don’t have to learn English anymore.

While I was standing behind this big family, I was thinking that the young white kids in America can’t find jobs, and some of them decided to not even have kids because they can’t even support themselves, and yet, the Mexicans are having dozens—-Because they don’t have to support them.

The citizens who live here and have jobs are supporting them.This is happening everywhere in America, and people are sick of it.

But back to the pool:  BECAUSE some kid threw up in the pool yesterday, the main pool was closed. So I came home to the Sunday Cable news shows, which are almost as disgusting as the pool being closed down due to a bad taco…and low and behold, I was just as disgusted listening to bad taco’s on TV. (Why do I do this to myself?)And they were ALL attacking Donald Trump. You would have thought he bombed Pearl Harbor. Or…worse yet, attacked Obamacare.

The only ones so far, that haven’t attacked Donald Trump are Ann Coulter, Ted Cruz, and Carly Fiorina. That’s three out of…what? 335?

The smart people of America, know that that attacks are a result of Donald getting over 12,000 people to come to hear him talk in Arizona. Jeb Bush couldn’t attract over 12,00o people unless he was in Mexico City and promised them all free tickets to Disneyworld, so yes, our rich elite Rino’s in Washington are VERY worried.

Trump is now in first place. If he keeps it up, he will remain there. The G-8 will have to put aside their vacations and met at Camp David instead of their Swiss chalets, and soon.Trump in Arizona

What’s the main ‘talking point’? Trump is a  “sideshow.” They think if they just keep repeating it, everyone will believe it.

Peggy Noonan was especially contrite. She trashed him by saying that he was some kind of bombastic oaf. Yes, Peggy the elite, who was all a ‘ga-ga’ about Obama. She didn’t change her love affair with Obama until well after his second election. But she worked for Reagan you know, so she is pedigree. She realizes that the people are angry, but Trump is just not a serious candidate.—-Says the woman who loved that serious candidate, Obama.Peggy Noonan

George W. and Bill Clinton had to get together to try to calm the mobs. The Ex Presidents are all telling us “not to get angry” and gee—Trump is going to spoil it for the Republicans who NEED the Hispanic votes.

Don’t they get it? They are telling the citizens of America that they care more about the Hispanic vote than they do the American vote. But no…they don’t. Jeb expects us all to work longer hours because there are all those little Hispanic mouths we will have to feed. The GOP can no longer count on their base to vote for them. Especially if they run Jeb. Their message is whites will be the minority so they should just shut up and forget they even LIVE here, or their parents and sons and daughters died in wars to keep the country in liberty.  The fact is…there are STILL a lot of white people who are sick of being told they are racist, selfish, greedy, and FAT, while our politicians put us all down daily.

We BUILT this country, damn it. As Ann Coulter points out, we were colonists, not immigrants. This is NOT Mexico! (Okay, they took California back…) And we don’t want you to kill us all off with Obamacare either.

Yes, we ARE angry you elite snob media pundits! And we’re also mad that you’re not. We know you all go home to your big mansions in Chevy Chase and Georgetown. You could care less about any of us out here in the heartland. Eagle eyes

Peggy did admit one thing: Since the elite GOP couldn’t defeat Obama after his first terrible term, we privilege white people put republicans BACK into power in 2010. Every single candidate ran on repealing  Obamacare. They got in. They did nothing. And they let Obama break every law. They lied. Only ONE man stood and tried, and the rest of the party beat him to a pulp for it. Ted Cruz has not quite got over that. He did not fight back. He simpered a bit, and went quietly.

Is it any wonder we love a man who tells them all to get lost?

And aren’t we in the same boat as Greece?  The Greek people WANTED out of the EU. The Greek people VOTED no.

And the one man they trusted to walk away from the EU..changed his mind.

They……….. were………… betrayed.

Less than a week after they triumphantly gave international creditors a bloody nose by rejecting a harsh austerity plan, angry and bewildered Greeks are left wondering how they now find themselves swallowing an even worse deal.

“I voted ‘No’. And of course this new proposal doesn’t correspond to that ‘No’,” Vassilis Sika, 20, who is unemployed, said in Athens.

“I feel like a slave. They do what they want, and we can’t participate.”

How many people feel just like Vassilis? (My hand is up.)

So, do we join Donald in Sparta?

Greece two

Or Greece in Athens?





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Nobody Knows If We Can Get This Over the White House Fence….

Nobody Gets Email

I don’t know why this cracks me up, but it does. We can’t send our rockets into space anymore, but maybe we could send R2D2 over the White House fence.

(Thanks to Kim Komando, who says she WANTS one.)


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