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Nobody’s Fool: Ted Cruz

Nobody’s FoolTed Cruz iran

Hands down, Ted Cruz wins the Nobody’s Fool Award for the week.


He said THIS in an interview when speaking about Obama’s ‘deal’ with Iran:

“If this deal goes through, the Obama administration will become the leading financier of terrorism against America in the world.”

He added: “I’ve heard this referred to before as the ‘Jihadist Stimulus Bill.'”

To which Mitt Romney tweeted:Romney rino

I am opposed to the Iran deal, but @SenTedCruz is way over the line on the Obama terrorism charge. Hurts the cause.

6:40 AM – 30 Jul 2015


Wow. What cause is that Mitt? The “Be nice kiddies” cause? “Way over the line?” Really Mitt? What is this? Romper room policy?

This is the usual, “Shut up, don’t say bad things, be nice, be good boys and girls…just shut up.”

Bob Dole was nice. John McCain was NICE. Mitt was so nice, I almost thought the Mormons became Quakers. They lost the elections. George W. Bush has been so nice, he’s taking up painting pictures of himself. My god, Obama destroyed every victory in Iraq that Bush could claim, and what does he do?

He paints a picture of himself in the shower. Such a good boy.

You have to feel sorry for the Rino GOP party. It sounds to us that Mitt sides with Obama.rinos

Ted is Nobody’s Fool. He saw the perfect opportunity to shine:

“So Mitt Romney’s tweet today said, ‘Gosh, this rhetoric is not helpful.’ Cruz said. “John Adams famously said, ‘Facts are stubborn things.’ Describing the actual facts is not using rhetoric; it is called speaking the truth. Part of the reason that Mitt Romney got clobbered by Barack Obama is because we all remember that third debate where Barack Obama turned to Mitt and said, ‘I said the Benghazi attack was terrorism and no one is more upset by Benghazi than I am.’ And Mitt, I guess listening to his own advice, said, ‘Well gosh, I don’t want to use any rhetoric. So okay, never mind. I’ll just kind of rearrange the pencil on the podium here. We need to stand up and speak the truth with a smile. The truth has power and every time we have Republicans who shy away — who don’t want to engage, who don’t want to speak the truth — we lose.”

THAT’s telling em’ Ted!

So, congratulations Ted Cruz! You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for the week..and not just because I have a fondness for John Adams.

And thank you too Mitt Romney for showing America once again, WHY we need new leaders.

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  1. Hello! I’ve been reading your website for a long time
    now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Kingwood
    Tx! Just wanted to tell you keep up the good job!


    Comment by Grozinger Law PA criminal defense lawyer in orlando | August 5, 2015 | Reply

    • Well, Grozinger…I can’t tell you how you made my night. I had one of those really bad days (you know the kind where you get your car fixed, and it breaks down a few weeks later because the mechanics knowingly (or not) did such a bad job, and not only did they ‘steal’ just under a thousand for that, it will cost thousands to FIX the damage that was done…one of THOSE days. In fact, I’m so tired from the whole ordeal tonight, I probably won’t write until tomorrow, but I DID see your comment and it made my night….It’s the little things that make my day…and you just did…:)

      So I have a reader from Texas? COOL! By the way, Texas rules!


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | August 6, 2015 | Reply

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