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Nobody’s Perfect: GOP Presidential Candidates

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The big news this week, was the great rise of Donald Trump. With each passing day, Trump has gained such a remarkable lead in the Presidential race, that the rest of the Presidential  GOP candidates could only sit back and see their own presidential ambitions fading as fast as babies popping bubbles in a bubble bath.

So, the GOP candidates were all there tonight on the debate stage in New Hampshire…and by a wonderful twist of fate, were made to sit next to each other and listen to each other.

The looks on their faces said it all: You could see frustration, anger…hopelessness, and better than most Americans, the real leader was so far ahead, he just didn’t show up.  I bet Jeb Bush wished he would have skipped this instead of Iowa. Jeb Bush skipped IOWA, but this was New Hampshire–it’s near Bush country.  Jeb was leading there..for about 2 days.

I didn’t get to watch it all, but I did catch their closing speeches where they were asked to give a 30 second summation of why they want to be President.

Here’s my grades on their speeches:

Rand Paul: Rand, is pretty mad. He’s mad at Trump. He’s mad because in his mind there IS no contest as to who should be President. He did throw out a nice idea about being able to take the cost of college on your taxes, but then, if everyone is paying a flat tax, HOW does he do that? Rand is having trouble smiling these days. His final speech was not really convincing…mainly because he’s angry. He gets a C+

Marco Rubio: Rubio spent a LOT of time trying to convince everybody that amnesty that he signed up for, well he’s rethinking that. Despite his enthusiasm, and his tough talk on Iraq, he still seems green. Very green.  His speech rated a…C

Ted Cruz: After watching Rand, I must admit, I didn’t think Cruz could muster much. But boy, I was surprised. Out of all the candidates he seems to sincerely love America. His speech was very Presidential— while many would consider it full of political platitudes, when coming out of his mouth, it ends up being uplifting and inspiring. And we have seen, that Ted is the one who stands up to Congress…so he’s easy to believe. I gave his speech an A. Best of the night.

Ben Carson: You get the feeling by far that Ben Carson is the smartest guy in the room.  But his ending speech sounded more like a guy just having a conversation and being a teacher, which I think is his greatest gift. Ben is reaching for the stars and so let’s hope, he lands at least on the Moon. I gave his speech a nice four

Scott Walker: What is it about this guy? I just can’t get enthused about him. Maybe he’s TOO cerebral.  He talked mostly about HIS record and kept off what he would do for the country, which I don’t think he has a clue. He’s got his state down, but the world?  He never attacks Washington D.C., which is why I don’t trust him. His speech was lame, I give him a C.

Rick Perry: Rick is VERY hard not to like. He is fun to listen to, and full of that good-old-boy Texan lovable personality that speaks America. But, Bush had that too, remember?

He talked about energy, putting forth his strong points. Rick’s speech,  next to Ted Cruz’s, was the most fun of the night. I give his speech an B+. Although, most of us can’t believe that our best days are ahead of us. Not really…But he IS trying to get that last spot.

Bobby Jindall: Mr. Jindall is one of my favorites…I can picture him as President. He’s probably the ONLY governor that I would trust. Too bad the camera man gave him such a terrible shot for his speech. Was that on purpose? SURE! I gave his speech a C++…not quite lofty enough.

Lindsey Graham: Well. We need to GO to war, and kill ISIS or they will kill us. That’s his story. When he got to his speech he choked up, and couldn’t talk. REALLY? What is it with these Rino’s crying? His speech was so bad, I gave it a D-…and that’s only because he was crying.

Carly Fiona: The commentator tried to trip her up. Out of all the contenders, she does have the experience to deal with world leaders. I even think she would be more competent than even Sarah Palin, and that’s saying something. She has NOT given up, and good for her. I gave her speech a B+ She did great tonight.

Rick Santorin: Rick has matured, and seems to be getting better with age….but the media has ignored the guy entirely because he really is the MOST conservative of all of them.  I gave his speech a B.

John Kasich: I have NO idea what he said. All I can do is get visions of his face, which reminds me of one of those charpoy dogs. I DO remember him saying he has been a ‘servant’ of the public forever, and that’s when I stopped listening to him. So, I’m not going to even grade him.

Chris Christie: The commentator’s question gave him a big punch, but Chris stood his ground. Still, none of us can forget him being buddy with Obama. His speech was not much. Christie already knows he doesn’t stand a chance….I think he’s already accepted it. I give his speech a D.

George Pataki: George sounded like he just said everything that Carly said. LOL! Everybody loves him it seems, but there you go, another politician…and from New York no less. Sorry, I don’t remember his speech. I must have had a brain freeze.

Jeb Bush: Boy, did HE mess up. When asked how different he was from his father and brother, he started to stammer and talk about how he had a Tee Shirt that said if you talked against his dad he would meet you outside and beat you up. The guy cut him short before he could say anymore.

Jeb, got a big F.

So, there you go, none of them are perfect, but there are a few gems.



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