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Nobody Wonders Where Donald Would Put Sarah Palin….

Nobody Wonders

I was SO excited to catch this Sarah Palin interview on Youtube, I just HAD to post it. According to rumors, Donald and Sarah Palin really love and respect each other and imagine how simply great it would be if Donald put her high up in his cabinet—oh boy–imagine that!!

I was on a website today, and most websites are all saying…Donald CAN’T win. The GOP won’t let him. It’s all rigged.

BUT…I can tell you that if he ran as an Independent, he would have Democrats flocking to change their votes. He would certainly get more black votes than Hillary. Nobody Thinks the only thing that will stop Donald’s momentum is an attack on the United States—which Obama seems to be trying desperately to make happen.

Nobody Wonders just how many other people are as excited by Sarah Palin’s enthusiasm as I am? It sure was good to see Sarah at her best…and I think that the Vice Presidency would not be enough for her talents. I would love Donald to fire that old dragon breath that replaced Holder and put Sarah at the Head of the Justice Department….just imagine what she could do. Squirrel

And no, I’m still not watching FOX NEWS.


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  1. Both you and I are NOT watching Fox news!


    Comment by madmemere | August 18, 2015 | Reply

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