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David Brooks: Founder of Lincoln Caucus

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That guru of moronic monarchical supporter of modus operandi called the republican party, David Brooks,  has written an article suggesting that the delegates at the conventions who will have the power to destroy Cruz and Trump, should band together in what he calls the “Lincoln Caucus” …in other words: Individual should be forced for the good of the republican party to join together, block the people’s vote, and give the power BACK to the establishment.

Brooks: Founder of Lincoln Caucus

Brooks: Founder of Lincoln Caucus

He calls it the “Lincoln Caucus”

The first thing the Lincoln Caucus would do is plant a flag for a different style of Republicanism. Members of the caucus would remind the country that there still are Republicans who believe in prudent globalism, reform conservative ideas to lift up the working class. There are still Republicans who believe in certain standards of polite behavior in public and pragmatic compromise.

If the Republican ticket gets devastated in November, members of the Lincoln Caucus could say, “We stood for something different,” and they’d be in a good position to lead the rebuilding process.

In our republican system, it is parties that choose nominees; not primary voters. Parties are lasting institutions that manage coalitions, preserve historical commitments, protect us from flash-in-the-pan demagogues and impose restraints on the excessively ambitious. The Lincoln Caucus would embody these legitimate institutional responsibilities.

Never mind that this is not “different” just an idiotic elite plutocrat trying to stop the people of America in trying to change the corruption that is in place.

It’s amazing the spin isn’t it?

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