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David Brooks: Founder of Lincoln Caucus

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That guru of moronic monarchical supporter of modus operandi called the republican party, David Brooks,  has written an article suggesting that the delegates at the conventions who will have the power to destroy Cruz and Trump, should band together in what he calls the “Lincoln Caucus” …in other words: Individual should be forced for the good of the republican party to join together, block the people’s vote, and give the power BACK to the establishment.

Brooks: Founder of Lincoln Caucus

Brooks: Founder of Lincoln Caucus

He calls it the “Lincoln Caucus”

The first thing the Lincoln Caucus would do is plant a flag for a different style of Republicanism. Members of the caucus would remind the country that there still are Republicans who believe in prudent globalism, reform conservative ideas to lift up the working class. There are still Republicans who believe in certain standards of polite behavior in public and pragmatic compromise.

If the Republican ticket gets devastated in November, members of the Lincoln Caucus could say, “We stood for something different,” and they’d be in a good position to lead the rebuilding process.

In our republican system, it is parties that choose nominees; not primary voters. Parties are lasting institutions that manage coalitions, preserve historical commitments, protect us from flash-in-the-pan demagogues and impose restraints on the excessively ambitious. The Lincoln Caucus would embody these legitimate institutional responsibilities.

Never mind that this is not “different” just an idiotic elite plutocrat trying to stop the people of America in trying to change the corruption that is in place.

It’s amazing the spin isn’t it?

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The Terror in Chicago: Old White People Debating

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If you are a conservative, it’s important to watch the liberals right now…so I did this weekend.

Last Saturday, while the Republicans were stomping to the voting machines in South Carolina, David Axelrod, put  a panel of democratic pundits on C-Span. It was titled , Road to the White House: The Presidential Election of 2012,  but what it really was, was Obama’s Chicago presidential reelection counsel getting together and trying to assure themselves and everyone else that conservatism is dead. Also, that Mitt Romney can’t connect with an audience. (which IS true) And lastly, along with those messages, give Obama some advice, since he was probably taping it.

The Panel consisted of George Stephanopoulos asking the questions to Rahm Emanuel, David Brooks, Rachel Maddow, and one man claiming to be Republican,  a one Alex Castellanos. Alex was so in love with the Clinton’s, you couldn’t even call him a RINO. Even Rino’s don’t salivate over the Clinton’s–at least not in public. Alex, ran Mitt Romney’s campaign in 2008, which tells you a lot about Mitt, and probably why he lost. The guy is a die-hard liberal.  

Here’s some of their ideas, that they gave sitting on stage at the University of Chicago the democratic/mafia political breeding grounds, and my thoughts on those ‘ideas.”

 Rahm Emanuel:

He was 100% certain: Mitt would be the nominee, the South Carolina vote didn’t matter.

Nobody Says: Now, whether this was wishful thinking or just inside knowledge on who was going to win…I’m not sure. Rahm wanted to be Mayor of Chicago: and it was handed to him, like how Putin wanted to be President of Russia, and it was handed to him.

Nobody sees any difference in those two ‘elections.’

His advice to Obama was to keep up the “I inherited this horrible mess, and I need another four years to fix it.” Obama has been pretty much saying just that, which means Rahm is still advising him.  No more “cash for clunkers” that would be bad.

Nobody Says: Rahm’s manipulation is disturbing. For instance, he believes only ONE party should rule, because when the country is divided nothing gets passed.  The reality is, the left has gone so far to the left, almost to a soft fascism/Marxism, that the other side is just trying to stop them from taking more control of our country, and that’s bugging him. 

One party. One rule. That’s what he wants. (It’s the Chicago way!)

On Republicans: They bought too much real estate and it’s going down. John Boehner will be gone next election.

Nobody Says: In other words: Rahm is mad because the democrats lost so badly in the 2010 mid-term elections.   

There was the threats that anyone who would challenge Obama from his own side, would be eaten. He tried hard to say Obama was actually producing jobs, and he will be elected again once those jobs reappear, as they will.

Nobody Says: Good luck with that Rahm. Keep lying.

Besides given the wrong credit to Bill Clinton for welfare reform, and saying that all the Ronald Reagan devotees were killing the party, Rahm was his usual smug self.  He did get some liberal protesters mad about his closing down libraries and cutting off mental health care, but he acted as if they were silly, and like a true politician, spewed out some gibberish. Oh…and big lie of the day: Rahm said that Democrats believe, as the audience can see, in open discussion, rather than what the Republicans do: rule behind the closed-door.

Nobody Says: He forgot to mention he was in that locked room with Obama all through the Obamacare sessions. No one was allowed in that room, for over 15 days. It was locked and guarded.

Rahm is a  hard man to like, and so far, he’s Obama’s best hope. That’s why Obama’s reelection office is in Chicago. Rahm is still working for him.

David Brooks

Looks like a bobble-head–another alumni of the University. David said some pretty ridiculous things like he likes the fairy guy Obama, that he remembers from his days at Chicago University. (Have you noticed yet how many people around Obama have graduated from that school, and did he mean…gay?)

There’s his SUN/MOON theory. One party is the sun, and one is the moon, and now we have two moons. He’d like a Harvard man running against a Harvard man (Obama VS Mitt)

Nobody Says: snob.

But the most absurd theory is: David said that the Republicans were all raised by the schools to give them all too much confidence in themselves. Therefore they are too materialistic, and selfish, and are so stupid that they think they know it all. Yes…the Republicans. He said that Rush Limbaugh was the perfect examples of grandiosity

Nobody Says: Uh..right. David Brooks does not suffer from grandiosity. I won’t even go into how absurd that is, never mind how the democrats represent the give “me, me, me” everything free syndrome, and were the ones who implemented that “everyone gets a star” crap into our schools. Where were all the democratic kids when the teachers were cramming this stuff out?

In the bathroom, peeling bananas?  

 Really, Who is more selfish? The conservatives believe in family. You have to sacrifice you life to raise kids: It’s the liberals who have the abortions: it would take time away from THEM. Or better yet, adopt a foreign kid, hire a nanny, and keep your figure. Which is  more selfish?

David Brooks is an idiot, and a grandiose one at that.

Rachael Maddow

Called Romney the largest midget. Ron Paul is an alien. Nobody believes in the stuff he is promoting. (which means Rachael thinks our Constitution is alien)

She was not so sure Obama would win, because unlike all the rest on that panel, she actually has talked to some people who are disappointed in him. Oh, and she loves the military.  She loves to wear big black glasses: Thinks it makes her look intelligent.

Nobody thinks she only said that because Obama is trying to convince us all he is a proud military commander, and the democrats need that image to get him elected, they think.

Alex Castellanos

Alex predicted that on that day, Newt’s run would collapse.  Thought Obama should promise the moon, like he did before to win. Thinks we should be…government by Facebook. LOVES Hillary Clinton for President. Said we need lots of immigrants to support Social Security. We need to get rid of all those political debates. Our next “crop” of Republicans are not ripe yet, in other words, we not quite the wonderful new democratic party of the Clinton’s. Alex is really sad about that. After all, we’ve got this New World to conquer.

Yes, he trashes the Republicans for not being into immigration., and said in a joking manner, “My marriage is still open.” (I can see why.) Says Obama running twice is like losing your virginity twice, he can’t be as excitable the second time around.

Nobody Thinks that Alex (R) is more liberal than Rachel Maddox and that’s saying quite a lot. Looks like we need a new category for Republicans which are more wacko liberal than the liberals themselves.

Nobody Suggests. RUDGOWs.(rhymes with madcows)Republicans you don’t go out with.

At the end, you could tell they are worried. Alex said that all those “old white people” want the country to come back, and it’s gone. They will never get their country back.

Yes, it took the Republican on the stage to say what they all know: Obama has destroyed the country so badly, the odds of it ever coming back are gone, or so they think. But they all have wonderful lives advising for Obama, and they all have power…and they don’t want to lose it.

And the thought of recurring nightmares of “old white republican people” coming at them in the dark…it’s scaring the bee heavies out of them.

Suddenly, old white people are the most freighting thing on the planet to the democrats.

And this old white person, is loving it. Let’s give them what they REALLY fear…old white people voting Obama OUT.

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