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Nobody’s Fool: John Adams: Have We Become Pistoria?

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I have been struggling through the first chapter of John’s Adams obscure book, A Defense of the Constitutions of Government of the United States of America Volume III…mainly read by the founding members forming the Constitution at the time, while Adams was in Europe. According to historian David Mccollough, Adams was the first to suggest the three branches of government and he wrote the Constitution of Massachusetts, which was before the U.S. Constitution was ratified. Mccollough said it was a clear blueprint for the original.

Getting through the first chapter was maddening.

Adams reports the historical struggles of a section of Italy from the 1100s to the 15OOs in a section of Italy called Pistoria. Basically, it was a wider scale and bloodier scale of the Hatfields and McCoys. It was between the families of the Panciatichi, and the Concellieri.

Picture today’s democrats and republicans without beheadings.

For centuries, these two families fought with great armies…., burned down each other’s castles, villages, killing thousands, and then, basically with every truce, broke it.

This fight went on forever until the whole state of Pistoria was devastated to poverty and misery.

Of course, these two families were rich, and had a lot of family members who died for the family.

This recorded war went on for centuries and 102 pages. I even  wondered if even George Washington made it to the end of the chapter, (John sent copies to all the founders) and I had to wonder how in the world did John Adams get all these details, for he had researched every death, every fight, every soldier.

Nobody in Harvard today would even attempt that kind of research.

I felt like I was watching the movie Pacific by Spielberg.

But…finally, at the end of the chapter…he got to the point:

Here’s the point John Adams made:

“And here ends another most splendid example of the blessings and felicities of a republic without three orders forming a mutual balance! It is quite unnecessary to excite the resentment, or flatter the vanity of any individuals or families in America, by mentioning their names: but if you begin at New Hampshire, and proceed through all the States to Georgia, you will at once be able to fix your thoughts upon some five or six families in each state, some two of whom will, in the course of fifty years, perhaps of five (unless they are restrained by an independent executive power, three independent branches in the legislature, and an independent judicial department) be able to divide the state into two parties, one generally at the head of the gentlemen, the other of the simpleman, tear one another to pieces, and rend the vitals of their country with as ferocious animosity, as unrelenting rancor and cruelty, as ever actuated the Cancellieri, and the Panciatichi in Pistoria. And it will not be the fault of these individuals or families: they will not be able to avoid it, let their talents or virtues be what they may: their friends, connections, and dependents, will stimulate and urge them forward, by every provocation of flattery, ridicule, and menaces, until they plunge them into an abyss, out of which they can never rise. It will be entirely the fault of the constitution, and of the people who will not now adopt a good one: it will be the misfortune of these individual and families as much as of the public for what consolation can it be to a man, to think that his whole life, and that of his son and grandson, must be spent in unceasing misery and warfare, for the sake only of a possibility that his great grandson may become a despot!”

This is exactly what is going on today…between the “gentlemen” and the simpleman of America.

The Deep State of progressives’ liberals and rino’s VS…the American people.

The Deep State of the Bushes, the Clintons, and the Obama’s and all of the established ‘families’ put in power for years by this deep state now fighting Trump, America’s chosen President, will send us all into misery.

When two of the three branches become corrupt, and cries of the republic to be replaced by a mob plutocratic “democracy” ….John Adams would say:

We have become…Pistoria.

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