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Who Said when it rain it pours?

Nobody Flashes.

Sorry, this last week has been hard, I was doing so well, until a therapist decided that after one week I was ready for the marathon of all marathons.

Not only did he put me back in pain hell, he also destroyed my husband’s knee. Tomorrow we have to get HIM to a hospital. Niether one of us can get out of bed without some kind of screaming.

Good thing my son drives.

Don’t think it was on purpose. Just ignorance. He was young and trying to show off to his boss, and on top of that, it was a place down the block. We choose it because it was close, that’s all. We thought they were all alike. You can’t always know what you are getting can you?

Say a small prayer for my very small family.

I wasn’t expecting this: Like I said, I was doing just great, but sometimes life just throws you a fastball.


Hang in there. Like I said before: Try to stay sane.

Much love to everyone. And I’ll be back. You know I can’t keep my opinions to myself. It’s a curse.



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