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Hey? What If Joe or Bernie Get the Virus? Will they Blame Russia or Trump?

Nobody Wonders

As I watch the early results of the democratic primary tonight, the news is all excited about Joe Biden leading. Of course, Texas and California have not been counted yet. Yet, no surprise here. The Deep State is in control.

And it’s to the surprise of everyone, because it’s obvious that Joe is senile. BUT. The democrats do not want Bernie to win. As Trump keeps saying, they are rigging the system against Bernie AGAIN.

Trump calls it a coup. I call it: scripted from the start.

Anyway, Nobody Wonders what the delegates will come out to tomorrow, and watching them all spin this is almost entertaining.

I said: ALMOST.

In the meantime, even though a tornado killed more people in Tennessee, than the coronavirus last week, the democrats kept on the “Trump has put us in danger!” When in fact, our President has down every possible precaution.

All of the deaths have occurred in Washington state, and most were residents of a nursing home in suburban Seattle. The number of infections in the U.S. overall climbed past 100, scattered across at least 15 states, with 27 cases in Washington alone.

So, how did Washington get so many cases?

Pretty easy. All of Obama’s hold over morons, the ones who hurried ebola cases into our shores, decided to let a big boat full of tourist who HAD the virus, come ashore.


While Trump gave out the orders to NOT let anybody in, well, they just didn’t tell him.

Read this excellent report that you will NEVER hear on your Cable network. 

The actual decisions are being made by bureaucrats based on existing protocols.

The best example of this was the decision to fly back infected American passengers from the Diamond Princess. This fateful decision helped spread the virus inside the United States.

President Trump had been told that nobody with the coronavirus would be flown to America.

The State Department decided to do it anyway without telling him and only made the announcement shortly after the planes landed in the United States.

You can vote one way or another and the real decisions that matter will still be made by the head of a directorate that is a subsection of a bureau that you never heard of, but that has a budget in the hundreds of millions, a small army as its disposal, and will follow whatever the protocol is.

This is how the country is really run. And that’s the problem.

The underlying problem with our government is that it’s too big to control. Voting in an election or even sitting in the Oval Office doesn’t mean you’re in charge. The problem goes beyond the current obsession with the Deep State. The real issue has always been the Deep Industry or the administrative state.

In conclusion, they are trying to get the America people excited about Joe Biden. The deep state is scared to death of Bernie’s popularity.

But this Nobody Wonders….what IF Bernie catches the virus? He’s getting up there after all.

Remember, Hillary is waiting.

And frankly, Nobody Wonders how any of these people can get SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about any of this.
It’s almost annoying.

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