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Nobody REFUSES to Believe the World is Coming to an End.

Nobody Flashes

I don’t know about you, but I think this WHOLE coronavirus thing is a big scam. Sure there’s a flu, but shutting down whole countries?

Really? We want to Wal-Mart today to buy a few things and the store was empty. People are buying stuff up like crazy.

It’s…absurd.. That’s how much control they have over the population.

If it’s not, then the globalists have decided to play their last card. Even on all the conservative sites they are saying MILLIONS will die…some note ‘leaked’ out.

Well, if you really believe that then you believe that Trump wanted prostitutes to pee on some bed in Russia.

Oh right. That ‘leaked’ out too.

I found it really silly today how people are reacting this. Even my nurse friend wouldn’t go swimming with me today because she was “afraid.”


I know I posted this video some years ago, but I’m posting it again. Simply because, there is entirely too much gloom and doom being broadcasted to control our lives.

And UNITLL I start seeing people dying on the streets, I am going on as usual.


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