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Inflation: Good for ‘Depopulation’?

Nobody Flashes

There’s a reason Chelsea Clinton wants Tucker banned from all media: Right now, he’s making the most sense, and is the most fearless.

I don’t know about you, but we don’t even buy fast food anymore, because just for a regular meal for two at McDonalds, you could pay $20.00. It used to be about $12.00. Groceries are high too. You have to go to two or three places to get the best deal.

All the while they keep paying government workers who don’t work, give illegals money they don’t deserve, and keep giving big raises to anyone who will push their agenda.

So, is it any wonder Americans are spending their last ‘Covid’ on luxuries? Everybody know, in just one year, you will not be able to afford any of them anymore.

Like I said: The elites decided one of the best ways to ‘depopulate’ the earth is to make it too expensive to even have a kid.

To them, inflation is just as good as an abortion.

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