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Nobody’s Easter Message: Hope

Nobody Flashes a Few random nobody thougths that I had on Easter Sunday.

We had a beautiful day here in Missouri. For once, it got up to 77 degrees, the sun was shining, and it’s been many years since we had decent weather. So, how did they SPOIL it? If you were taking your kids to an Easter Egg hunt, or barbeque, all you had to do was look up: There were enough chemtrails in the sky to kill most of the Easter bunnies running around. I guess they knew a lot of people would be outside. Didn’t want to pass up the chance to make some people sick. If you don’t know what’s in those chemtrails, best not to know. Crisscrossing the sky. WHY? They never talk about it on TV, EVER, so the people have NO idea.


It’s being reported that the arrest of President Trump won’t be the last one. They plan to prosecute the man right up until the next Presidential election. What’s funny is the more they prosecute the man, the bigger he becomes…like Jesus, walking, carrying the cross for America. Do they not know that? Or do they think that it doesn’t matter because they KNOW he will not be president due to some event WE have not idea about, but they want to make sure you just keep watching Trump, and not the communist China takover. If they want a civil war, they’ll just somehow assasinate him…right? I pray for that man.


My husband and I started watching some ‘series’ on Netflick. Okay. Right into the first scene, the main charactor, a young woman, walked into the bathroom to take a dump. You are made to watch it. It has nothing to do with the plot. We fast forwarded it. THEN in the second scene, some young man was having trouble ‘speaking’ due to brain injury. Disabilities are being shown everywhere in all the movies. The last Netflick we watched called “THE MIDNIGHT CLUB” had all the usual woke stuff in it, but they didn’t hit you with gay/climate change/supernatural/women stuff intill the last episodes. THIS one started it right off. “TURN IT OFF.” I said. Gays, people puking, peeing…it’s how they demean you. It’s brainwashing. See? You’re disgusting.

By the way, the Midnight Club was all about a bunch of teenagers in hospice due to the fact most all of them had cancer. Some of the doctors are predicting that in the next 3 years, cancer is going to be killing a LOT of young people. Just saying.


On our local news, our Governor was behind a bill to make child care affordable in Missouri, so the women could go back to work. This is communism 101, but don’t tell anybody. They make it sound like “We really NEED to help our state and single women.”

No, you need to stop giving welfare to any women who is NOT married, who has children, and bring back the jobs so the MEN can support a family. That’s not going to happen. That boat sailed in the ‘sexual revolution.’


60 minutes had a special on young men and women hooked on Herion in Ohio. I could barely watch it. They are destroying our young, and making sure they have NO hope. Most all of them were white kids.

And it was HOPE, will give you strength to go on another day.

It’s what religion and Easter is all about:Hope. Hope to be saved, just like Jesus was. Every human on the earth has it. Once you lose hope, you can be controlled by any tyrant that comes along. And THAT’s why they are destroying all our hopes every day.

Let’s not let them.

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