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Nobody Flashes: Glenn Beck…Finally Gets It

Glenn Beck has NEVER been a big fan of Donald Trump. But this weekend, I think he finally gets why so many people go to his rally’s and so people voted for him.

Trump ALWAYS says what we’ve been thinking, and we all know, he loves America. AND…most importantly, he’s a business man who went after all the rich politicians who have raped and soaked this country for decades. The common man, who loved their country, always paid their taxes, and were getting tired of getting screwed.

Glenn now knows why.

Trump repects the little man. We loved his tweets, we loved the fact that you get what you see. If he couldn’t get something done, it was because Congress stopped it at every turn. As I’ve said before, Congress gave FAUCI the power to override any President.

One thing Trump has always done, is stick to the law.

And now, we see, he’s the only man standing up against the globalists. Anyway, I could go on, but I wanted everyone to see Glenn figuring out that it’s America that they want to destroy, and Trump, has always been in the way.

DeSantis…is a politician. He does NOT have the experience of Trump. He’s back by the globalists. For that reason alone, Trump should be the nominee in 2024.

And sorry Bill O’Reilly…who says if Trump doesn’t get DeSantis for his VP he’ll lose. For that reason alone, the backing of the RINOS, he should not make him VP.

Anyway, enjoy Beck’s rant. Clearly…it’s one of his best.

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Nobody Remembers World War I

Is it me? Why is Germany always at the center of all our major Wars? Now we have Klaus and his GREAT RESET leading us to WWIII.

Kissineger, Klaus, Wait…is Gates German? Really, maybe there’s really IS something in that culture that makes them along with the Chinese want to start wars.

Nobody Knows.

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Are they Controlling Tornados? CAN they do this? Are we being poisoned from the sky?

Nobody Knows

You know what I think. I’ve been watching chemtrials in the sky for years. I do a lot of yard work, every day, and I’ve noticed that two days before they predict rainstorms, all you do is look up, and the jets will be criscrossing trails, and when the storm hits, it’s more powerful than you remember all your life. As if, all of a sudden the Earth took a twist.

Of course it does that. It rotates every 11 years…but now they have HARP, they can not only cause droughts, but manipulate Hurricanes. They can’t MAKE the hurricane yet, but they can seed them, and turn them. There are hundreds of weather manipulation patents. They can cause earthquakes. The recent Russian pipeline that Biden blew up was the biggest disaster for the OZONE layer in the history of man.

Think they care? Whose doing all this spraying on us?

I was so happy today to see a clear blue sky. That doesn’t happen often anymore. But, sure enough, the weatherman said that on Friday WE would probably get…tornadoes.

He should know. And if they are anything like we’ve seen in Tennessee, I’m not happy about it.

Notice how they don’t talk about the bees missing? And notice how every politician claims that Climate Change is the most pressing issue right now? It’s because THEY are using weather warfare on the globe to futher their people control, and mass extinctions. So yeah, the climate, according to Dean Wigington will kill everyone on the planet…but it’s not Mother Nature….

It’s the elites.

When Bill Gates says he wants to take out the sun, and puts his millions to work on it, Uh…maybe you should take him for the dangerous man that he is.

If you can handle this, I suggest watching it. It’s pretty tough to take, and I don’t know ONE man, not one, who takes it seriously.

But I do. I want to know, whose spraying the planet.

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Nobody’s Opinion: Ted Cruz is at his BEST!

One of his finest moments, and look how smug Mayorkas is.

The trouble is, fine moment for Ted Cruz, but like always, nothing will be done to get rid of this man and HE knows it. Reminds me of Fauci.

He was put there to let as many illegals in as possible. Not to mention, he gave them an app to put on their phone so they know exactly where to enter the country and not even be talked to, but let in with open arms.

Ted helps us relieve our own anger…but once again, it’s just a release valve.

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Two Video’s Worth Watching

While we’ve been all warned about Tik Toc, it seemed it was a scare tactic to once again, take away our freedom and make us slaves.. with our government’s solutions. I had no idea, thanks to Tucker, I am now more scared of our Congress than Tik Toc.

And below that, another of my favorite video guru’s..Paul Joseph Watson on race.

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Step By Step, Inch by Inch, They Took America

Nobody’s Opinion

It’s hard to write ‘short’ pieces, but I’ll give it a try.

Last Saturday, my husband and I went to Fulton, MO. For those of you who might remember, Fulton is the home of Westminster College where Churchill gave his famous ‘Iron Curtain’ speech.

I hadn’t been to Fulton for over 50 years. My fiancé at the time was attending that college. It was a very vibrant town, full of people. No more. Like many cities in America, the main street was shut down. A few remaining shops. The small college town was dead. Only a place to fill up on gas on your way to the next nowhere town.

We paid the $20 dollars at the college to visit the Church where Churchill gave his famous speech. The museum was quite impressive, lots of Churchill busts, and pictures of WWII, and basically how Churchill led the world to victory. Eisenhower and America were not mentioned much. Churchill saved the world. Who am I to say if he didn’t. He got FDR to get America into the war. The West would all be different if Chruchill had not done that.

I kept thinking how after the war, England got rid of Churchill. Just voted him out. Go figure.

Some of his original paintings were there, and he was actually pretty good, unlike George W. Bush whose paintings look rather annoying.

Since I have always wanted to read, I knew that Churchill had written many books. Almost 1,000 words a day. In fact, behind one of his original desks there was an original set of his historical memories of WWII, yet in the gift shop, hardly any books written by him.

Strange. When asked, the young college boys sitting at the desks came up with some kind of lame answer: They are no longer in print…they said. A lie because you can buy them on Amazon. Then they said something about the Churchill’s estate would not allow any of them to be sold in the museum. So does the estate of Churchill actually own that museum?

Seeing the vast destruction of WWII was depressing enough, but not as much as what I saw after we left.

As we left, we somehow turned down a side street, and just ONE block behind the college was the most depressing neighborhood of falling down deplapidated old houses I had ever seen in my life. Every house should have been condemned. I saw a middle age black man sitting on the steps of a porch, and the house was SO bad: caved in roof, open broken windows, I thought the people in San Francisco living on the streets had it better. And people were LIVING in these houses.

What, no welfare in Fulton? ONE block from the college? How can parents even let their kids go there?

As we rode home I noticed that acres and acres of trees had been cut down and farmland…laid bare.

It’s no wonder they want people stuck in their homes. They don’t want you to see that America has been destroyed. It’s taken more than 50 years, but this destruction started many years ago. Yesterday, they showed pictures of a mall in downtown St. Louis that has been destroyed by vagrants. A hotel where we once went to the top, and had a five-star restaruant, was boarded up and had the same destruction inside. I haven’t been to downtown in years. Most people are too scared to go there.

St. Louis is now run by a black racist, named Cori Bush, put in power by Soros. We still have baseball, but that’s about it.

And all I can think if is the old stooge’s routine: Inch by Inch the globalists have been destroying our country for years.

We just didn’t see it because they did it, one inch at a time.


Tonight I’m thinking of Churchill. I was thinking of this one pictures in the museum so I took a picture, and the saying that Churchill said…

And I thought: NO one in our world of leaders is thinking of the children.

NO one.

So, ask yourself: Is God wearied of mankind? Or is mankind wearied of God? One thing I do know, we could certainly use another Churchill…and if you notice, Trump has stolen a lot of his lines.

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Nobody Flashes: Two of my Favorite Video’s of the week

One is from a military expert, and the other will just make you angry.

While we have an open border, China and Russia joining up the world against us to destroy America, Joe Biden takes an 89 (One guy acually counted it) 2,000 pound beasts to Canada to discuss.

Climate Change.

Right. How about the weather wars, train derailments, factories blowing up her in the states? Not to mention the drug wars and the cities falling apart.


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Nobody Flashes 1984 Becomes-1923

He tried to warn us…just think. He saw it coming.

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Nobody Remembers the Warnings of George Orwell

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Nobody Flashes: The GREAT Silk Speaks and You do NOT want ot miss it!

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Nobody Wonders: Why was the ‘arrest’ put off?

Gee…all this talk about President Trump being arrested on Tuesday, and now it’s move up to Wednesday, but they won’t take the photo they want untill next week?

What? Is the photographer booked? Whoopie has to do her nails?

BLM thinks its too cold to riot? FBI agents are on vacation? What’s the holdup? Can’t find enought thugs to go and put him in handcuffs?

This is SUCH a joke. All the DeSantis supporters were besides themselves trying to stick up for DeSantis’ big mistake not talking about what a farce this was. Steve Deace from the BLAZE is almost hysterical.. He blames Trump for killing millions.

That’s how stupid he is. He admitted that the American people love Trump because he loves them…but he hates the guy.

And so, DeSantis had to come out and hit Trump hard about Fauci, and whatever.

You know who should remember this? Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck. They made the mistake of releasing a ‘naked’ photo of Melania right before the Ohio primary and then denied they did it.

After Bill Clinton? Do they really think America’s memory is that short?

People aren’t stupid. Beck learned his lesson…but DeSantis thinks he can, with the help of the media and big money, ‘win the election’ as he says.

Who do you trust….The DeSantis crowd or Farage?

Deace may think he’s right…but he doesn’t even come close to the knowledge of Farage. In fact, I can barely stand to listen to him anymore. He’s becoming arrogant in his stances. Charlie Kirk is taking his audience away and none too soon.

Nigel, once again, comes to bat for sannity. Nigel Farage: Trying to save England (And America) one speech at a time.

How can you not love the guy?

Trump, if he’s smart will take this and run all the way to the bank.

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Nobody’s Perfect: Patents for Sars?

Arrest Bill Gates. Arrest Bill Gates, NOT Donald Trump. Who owns these bio-weapons patents?

Congress needs to go after these people, AND arrest them for crimes against humanity.

By the way, why Bill Gates? Because he is now threatening another huge virus, and wants to put all power over nations and nations health into the hands of the WHO.

But, we know, they’ve let him go this long…right? For the next week, you won’t be thinking of anybody but President Trump.

Bill Gates is somewhere laughing.

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Nobody Wonders:What the HECK is going on?

How much stranger can it get? The democrats, with the help of Fauci, Gates, and China, kept Trump out of the Presidency, put Biden in (With Obama and his old cabinet telling him what to do) and were all ready to continue their GREAT RESET, when Elon Musk, took revenge on Biden for dismissing his Tesla, and bought Twitter and exposed ALL the crimes that they have been doing. After all, isn’t Elon doing all the things the globalists want? Making electric cars, developing the chips for the brain, promoting solar panels, building tiny little houses?

Why go after him? And where is DeSantis on this?

Not to mention, all their crimes are being exposed.

As Vivek says, this is just another ‘way’ to make sure Trump is damaged goods…or is it? Elon warns them that if they do this, Trump will win re-election.

But what THIS Nobody Wonders is the tweet Trump put out telling his supporters that he will be arrested and to…”Protest, protest!” WHAT? Did he REALLY write this?

Can you believe it? I can’t.

After January the 6th, when Trump told everybody to respectable, I find it very disturbing that Trump would even say that, because everybody knows, the globalists WANT the masses to protest so that they can come and take everybodies guns.

Nobody Wonders…while Vivek says what is concerning here brillantly, I wonder…what kind of movie script are we watching now?

Who really is on first?

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Nobody Flashes 2 Fav Video’s of the week

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