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Step By Step, Inch by Inch, They Took America

Nobody’s Opinion

It’s hard to write ‘short’ pieces, but I’ll give it a try.

Last Saturday, my husband and I went to Fulton, MO. For those of you who might remember, Fulton is the home of Westminster College where Churchill gave his famous ‘Iron Curtain’ speech.

I hadn’t been to Fulton for over 50 years. My fiancé at the time was attending that college. It was a very vibrant town, full of people. No more. Like many cities in America, the main street was shut down. A few remaining shops. The small college town was dead. Only a place to fill up on gas on your way to the next nowhere town.

We paid the $20 dollars at the college to visit the Church where Churchill gave his famous speech. The museum was quite impressive, lots of Churchill busts, and pictures of WWII, and basically how Churchill led the world to victory. Eisenhower and America were not mentioned much. Churchill saved the world. Who am I to say if he didn’t. He got FDR to get America into the war. The West would all be different if Chruchill had not done that.

I kept thinking how after the war, England got rid of Churchill. Just voted him out. Go figure.

Some of his original paintings were there, and he was actually pretty good, unlike George W. Bush whose paintings look rather annoying.

Since I have always wanted to read, I knew that Churchill had written many books. Almost 1,000 words a day. In fact, behind one of his original desks there was an original set of his historical memories of WWII, yet in the gift shop, hardly any books written by him.

Strange. When asked, the young college boys sitting at the desks came up with some kind of lame answer: They are no longer in print…they said. A lie because you can buy them on Amazon. Then they said something about the Churchill’s estate would not allow any of them to be sold in the museum. So does the estate of Churchill actually own that museum?

Seeing the vast destruction of WWII was depressing enough, but not as much as what I saw after we left.

As we left, we somehow turned down a side street, and just ONE block behind the college was the most depressing neighborhood of falling down deplapidated old houses I had ever seen in my life. Every house should have been condemned. I saw a middle age black man sitting on the steps of a porch, and the house was SO bad: caved in roof, open broken windows, I thought the people in San Francisco living on the streets had it better. And people were LIVING in these houses.

What, no welfare in Fulton? ONE block from the college? How can parents even let their kids go there?

As we rode home I noticed that acres and acres of trees had been cut down and farmland…laid bare.

It’s no wonder they want people stuck in their homes. They don’t want you to see that America has been destroyed. It’s taken more than 50 years, but this destruction started many years ago. Yesterday, they showed pictures of a mall in downtown St. Louis that has been destroyed by vagrants. A hotel where we once went to the top, and had a five-star restaruant, was boarded up and had the same destruction inside. I haven’t been to downtown in years. Most people are too scared to go there.

St. Louis is now run by a black racist, named Cori Bush, put in power by Soros. We still have baseball, but that’s about it.

And all I can think if is the old stooge’s routine: Inch by Inch the globalists have been destroying our country for years.

We just didn’t see it because they did it, one inch at a time.


Tonight I’m thinking of Churchill. I was thinking of this one pictures in the museum so I took a picture, and the saying that Churchill said…

And I thought: NO one in our world of leaders is thinking of the children.

NO one.

So, ask yourself: Is God wearied of mankind? Or is mankind wearied of God? One thing I do know, we could certainly use another Churchill…and if you notice, Trump has stolen a lot of his lines.

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