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Glory Days with Michelle and Obama…Again? thanks

Nobody’s Opinion: The more I see of Michelle, the more I’m convinced she is a man. Look how she outweights Springsteen, and she keeps her knees bent. She is now back to transforming herself to win over the baby boomers, and why did they do this in Spain?’

Nobody Wonders why the Obamas love Spain so much? Lots of Muslims there. But why is Springsteen there? Well, he got famous on promoting the country of America…but it was reported that Bruce, the Obama’s and Steven Speilburg were all there to hang out. No doubt, Steven is being drawn back into line by Obama, they are going to need him to stage Michelle like he did to help other democrats get elected. According to Dick Morris, the democrats are going to run Michelle,which China would love. First, as Joan Rivers told us before she died during a simply surgery 2 months after she said it, Obama was gay and Michelle was a transvestite. The blacks are not happy with what is going on with OLD JOE, and Obama has kept out of the limelight but since his whole cabinet was surrounding Joe, it would make sense they run Michelle instead of Kennedy.

He’s toxic to the New World Order. And Hillary is just not …well, you know, she’s annoying as hell.

We have to convince people what Michelle really is, and that she would just be another puppet, that the liberals would love.

But, look at that face. TELL me, that’s not a face of a man.

We’ve got to start talking to the black people around us, because they might vote for her just because she dances with rap singers and hangs out with all the cool people.

Your GOP CONGRESS won’t touch her. But, one idea: Tell the blacks that it’s Obama that’s really running Biden, and he is letting in millions of illegals…because the blacks don’t like that one bit.

Not one big.

Besides that, Glory Days of the Obamas and Bruce were not really….glorious at all.

No thanks senior.

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Nobody Flashes: Spielburg—Morals? or Money?

For years I have wondered how Spielberg could make all those war movies honoring our soldiers with emotionally themes to morality and family, and then turn around and support Obama…democrats.

To me it was sheer hypocracy. Stupidity or money? Or…he didn’t care as long as the politicians left him alone to do his art.

BUT…now that he is being told to go back and CHANGE his movies, he’s finally put his foot down.

As I have contended, he is the best in the business…and now they are touching his WORK. It’s one thing to give into the woke crowds when the deal is you can sell your movies to the world, but CHANGE those movies?

Steven is finally saying…NO.

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Nobody Remembers: The Day Thousands of Americans stormed the Capitol, and were attacked by General McAruther

I guess…Biden forgot this…but he sure remembers he LOVES Chocolate chip ice cream!

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Nobody’s Fool: Tucker Carlson-Keep Your Books

Nobody’s Fool:

Books. They have been the main avenue for the advancement of civilization since history started and men tried to invent an alphabet. From the lone scribblings on cave walls to the Encyclopedia of Alexandria, to the Library of Congress, and all the vast writings of every civilization of the world, BOOKS are the way mankind passed on its wisdom. The great religions of the world were built off—books.

Whole civilizations have been built on written words, not just the sword.

And books have been MY passion since I first read The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain, when I was eight. I haven’t stopped reading since, in fact, I am totally obsessed with books. Must be: I can’t help it.

It wasn’t always that way, in the first grade my teacher wrote to my mother and told her she was really worried about me, because I couldn’t read with the rest of the class. For one whole week, she spent an hour with me after school and taught me how to read—back then, dyslexia was not even a word.

I wish I could remember her name: Now, if you have that condition, good luck. In fact, Tucker has it too. To this day, I still can’t spell even the little words like ‘own.’ I see “nwo” when I proofread. LOL. (Was that a sign?)

So, when I heard this today about Tucker warning the world to KEEP THEIR HARDCOVERS, I just KNEW, why he was probably one of the last of the real educated men in the world, and why people are so addicted to his knowledge.

They ARE destroying the books. And they started with our local libraries.

He’s right. I have written many times about how Obama destroyed our libraries. And that was on purpose. He did it very quietly. And in the cities. Obama transformed our great libraries, and mostly around the schools. At least here in St. Louis.

The elites do NOT want an educated population, so libraries had to be revamped into internet ports. As Tucker says in his video below, digital can be controlled.

It took the whole two terms of Obama, but here in St. Louis, ALL the libraries were closed, and redesigned into ‘cool’ hubs of computers. Books were sold for quarters and dimes. Every week I’d go to the different libraries and go crazy.

And then, I noticed that the books in the library all disappeared. In the place of books were rows and rows of internet booths. My local library looks more like a kiddie porn computer Kool-aid shop now. It was a joke. Bright colors! Gone were the smell of leather and the endless rows of subjects. I went into shock. And the books they kept were about basketball stars, silly stuff. All the classics…gone. I don’t know how many times I would walk by a man looking at adult porn on a public computer in the library, while kids were running around. You wanted Shakespeare?

Good luck with that. But hey, watch this naked woman! It’s free at the library.

Then I noticed that all the bookstores closed. Only ONE Barnes and Noble was left in the whole St. Louis area after Obama’s reign. You had no choice, you had to order that book off Amazon.

Did you hear anybody talking about this? Nope.

I once requested a book written about Clinton, and I never got it. I was 97th in line, and sorry, we only ordered two of them.

Yes, they controlled the libraries…AND the colleges.

I truly believe books like cash will be eliminated in our lifetime. I recently took an inventory of my books and was shocked to see some of them worth over $1,000. I have a Disney Tour book, 2005, worth over $900 according to Amazon. I paid 10c for it.

Hey, maybe Mickey can call me up…I’ll give a deal! Even if he’s in a dress! Come on Mick! Call me!

The rich are going to hoard the books, and then they WILL be able to control what you read online. What you CAN read online. Hell, Google does that already. They are already banning Twain, and changing Gone With the Wind, and even Spielberg had come to say something about it.

They are…erasing…knowledge.

So yes, What Tucker said was one of the most important advice ever given to anyone.

 I’d LOVE to see his library.

Here’s mine: (Just my reference) I know. NOTE: I am NOT of the illuminati. Just weird. I have a Japanese room AND a Pirate’s Cove. Yes, weird. Hey, if I’m on lockdown, I’ll never be bored.

Our founders read…a lot. Jefferson and Adams had huge libraries. They also didn’t have TV to distract them. Without books, and the study of history, our country would not have written the best Constitution the world had ever known. Our founders WERE…more educated than 99 percent of our own Congress.

John Adam’s Library
Jefferson’s…most of which ended up to start the Library of Congress…over 6,000 books.

Sadly, educated men and women in our government are rare as bees.

All you have to do is watch Kamala Harris and KNOW, the last book she didn’t read is somewhere in her office making her look like she actually READ a book. They probably hire designers to make book cases for their offices. Books they NEVER read.

The Nazi’s burned books. Our elites don’t have to. They will force you to read that what they consider proper. They are doing it now all over the internet.

Now, it’s “Johnny is really Janie, and How to Suck and lick like a pro!”

The elites plan to get rid of all cash, and books. They didn’t teach you much math in school, so when Wall Street took your money that they gambled away, you wouldn’t notice. Now, they are just finishing the job of making an ignorant public. God forbid you EVER read about the horrors of communism.

And while you were watching the cable news scaring you all into putting masks on your face and hiding in your home…Obama and our government was getting rid of the best weapon you could have against them..

And that’s…knowledge…in the world’s collection of great books.

So, thank you Tucker Carlson…for the GREAT advice: Save your books, your weapons, and tell everyone you love…that you love them.

John Adams, would be proud.

Now, Enjoy our warrior of the truth: Tucker Carlson…Nobody Fool’s of the Week.

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Nobody Reports: the Poison of the ‘women’s movement’

I fell for all the crap in the sixties of the whole sexual/you are equal/blah blah blah crap. But I also worked with men who always repected a job well done. I didn’t realize until the 1980’s that the sixties was a big communist plot, used in Russia and many other countries. That whole feminist movement ruined us in too many ways to count.

The REASON they are destroying the men, is because they are much easier to control as wimps. That’s my nobody opinion. The Takeover of America will be much easier.

I like to look for original thought in video’s, and if there is one thing Jordan Peterson gives you is…Great original thinking.


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Nobody Wonders: They got rid of Tucker…who’s next?

Everyone today was shocked. Tucker Carlson is the most watched program on FOX, and probably all of the media, even by Democrats. So FOX fired him, but really, I’m surprised they let him go on as long as they did with Paul Ryan on the Board.

But there is a pattern here, is there not? First, they got rid of Bill O’Reilly. Then Bill Ayers, Fox’s main director. THEN the Covid was released and they got rid of President Trump. Along the way, one by one, Rush Limbaugh, General Flynn. Roger Stone. Rudi Guilanni. Steve Bannon. Kati Lake: A few weeks ago, it was the great investigatore, James O’Keefe, and then the attacks on Elon Musk. Fox just got rid of Dan Bongino. One by one they are getting rid of anyone who dares stop the NWO China government from becoming reality. Notice they are doing it one at a time. Today they fired Don Lemon, of CNN, just to make you think it wasn’t just conservatives. But, let’s face it, the elites are losing billions what with the Communists now controlling Biden and all of our big companies.

Who’s next? Glenn Beck?

Below Tucker I’m posting two more links to this insanity. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNI, and the communists plans to take over the world.

Today, I was outside doing yard work and I usually listen to the radio. I could not get one station longer than two minutes even though I changed the batteries on all three radios THREE TIMES. They can SAY it was the sun, but gee…I wonder. I even plugged in an electric radio. Nothing. They have most of this planned out. It’s pretty clear as Tucker said….they are controlling and censoring everything, and they PLAN to chip our brains so that they can make sure, NO one has an independent thought. I now wonder if all those big screen TV sold at Wal Mart will someday be able to be controlled.

They are SURE this will happen. But now we know what they are doing. Right? Good Lord.

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Nobody Agrees with Catturd: Best Glenn Beck rant ever given:

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Hillary Clinton: Narcissit

Watch this video, and think: Do YOU have a narcissit in your family? I have two. And the damage they have done is for life. But understanding them, really helps.

One thing good about Youtube…you won’t find this kind of advice from a psychiatrist. And it’s free.

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Weather Wars: They ARE Real

You know how I feel about this…when the weather man can tell you “There will be tornadoes today” and can predict it now up until the hour, but otherwise gets everything else wrong, you KNOW something is suspicious. All my life, weathermen have only been right about 60 percent of the time, sometimes they will miss the events by DAYS.

For instance, today we were suppose to have rain and horrible storms. It was sunny all day. And when we do have storms, the clouds look right out of a Sci-fi movie.

There are patents on this, and so many tornadoes that are destroying cities and lives, are even more damaging than Putin. And gee..most of the destruction has been in food growing places, small towns, and add that to the train derailments, somebody has declared war on America, and winning it house by house. Farm by farm…but they don’t talk it much. They act as if…it’s just “Climate change.” Fires and weather have destroyed much of next year’s crops in every state.

Now they are threatening UFO attacks, and nuclear warfair on top of it all.

Anyway, I thought this video was worth the watch. Just in case you thought I was nuts all along.

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Nobody Flashes A Race Conversation At Walmart.

Once a week, I have to go to my local Wal-Mart, because most ALL the shops in my area have closed. All but maybe one or two of the employees are black. But, on my last trip, I noticed something…concerning. I had to ask a black employee, a young woman of about 26, to get her keys and open up a case where the perfume was located. She didn’t say a word to me. I told her what I needed but I could tell, she had no clue, so I went up to the case to POINT to the bottle, and very lighty, and accidently, brushed her shoulder. I couldn’t help it. She was a big woman and sort of in the way. She wasn’t talking to me, but the look she gave me was a killer. I thanked her and walked off. She was NOT going to talk to me. If I had been her manager, I would have fired her. But…you can’t nowadays and the blacks know it.

Going on, I went to the milk section and a young black man with dreadlocks was washing off the floor. I thought “Here’s a young man trying to work.” I couldn’t get at the milk, so I tried starting up a converstion. “Gee, you remind me, I have to go clean my house this afternoon,” and laughed. It was, an innocent remark. He said nothing. So I said, “Wow, you’re the SECOND person who refused to talk to me in this store…what’s going on?”

“I said something to you.” He stood up and replied.

“No, you didn’t.” and then I added, “You know, not ALL white people are racist.”

You should have seen the look on his face. To make a long story short, he wanted to talk. He said he was taught in school that all white people are racist but he just found out that it was the black Africans that SOLD their people into slavery. I could tell, it was a big surprise to him.

“You know, they are TRYING to make blacks and whites fight. It’s a scam. Don’t fall for it. It’s the divide and conquer.” I said. And he started telling me his feelings. He WANTED to not hate whites. You could tell, he was torn.

“There are racist in both blacks and whites,” I said. And he nodded. He knew it was true.

We had a good conversation, and when I left he said to me, “It was an honor to meet you.” Really, made my day. Before, I would have just not spoken up, been scared after all the video’s I’ve watched, but there comes a time, somebody has to reach out…as this man Bob Woodson did. He gave a beautiful rendition of the truth.

And then, watch to the end. The reparations black women tried to shut him up. Typical. She was younger and insisted whites were racist.

Maybe, if more of us ‘white’ people would call out the blacks, maybe it’s time we all start the conversation. Maybe, just maybe if we reach out to more of them, they would start…thinking. Maybe.

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Nobody’s Fool: Calley Means…Exposes What’s Killing Us

I tried to post another video tonight, on Twitter, but wasn’t allowed to.

So, here’s another instead. They ARE trying to kill us off. But then, you knew that I hope.

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Where’s Elon?

Whose running the AI world of tyranny takeover? See the guy in the middle? Notice Elon is not there, nor did he even mention XI or China in his interview with Tucker Carlson. Even though this was taken several years ago, it’s clear, China is way ahead on owning the internet. Look at all the big guys he has in his pocket. He used these people to help take out Trump.

Interesting, don’t you think? Also, while Elon mentioned Google in his recent interview with Tucker Carlson, he didn’t say much about Microsoft did he? Bill Gates is just as dangerous if not more so. Anybody whose been reading his ‘news’ on Bing daily can tell you that he’s full woke/ democratic /NWO/ hate Trump mode.

So, Nobody Wonders. Elon has, like the rest of them, major business with Tesla in China. But now, Biden is trying to take him out of the electric car business…why is that?

That could be one of the reasons he’s fighting now for ‘truth’ in America. Nobody Knows. But…

What was most appealing about the interview with Tucker was the fact that Elon fired most of the staff at Twitter. Which most Americans everywhere were probably thinking, “Gee, I don’t care, let’s make him President for four years and let him fire all of the scum in our government. Clean house.” After all, nobody in our government cares about the Constitution, and at this point, we have to wonder…even dream, some man would do that.

Will we be ruled forever more by China, by the Elites? Have they already set the stage for America’s destrution?

Take a look at this picture…2015. Remember, China thinks long term.

Our politicians think in just the terms of their bank accounts.

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Patriot? Or Puppet? Dan Crenshaw—you dicide.

After watching this video, I was furious. I had already made up my mind that Crenshaw was a ‘planted’ globalist, but after listening to this guy’s video, and thinking of all the Janurary 5th people inprisoned, you know what I thought of?

Political Fentanal. They get the public hooked on the ‘good old American’ boy, but it’s a disguise to get you hooked on the lie that he’s a real American patriot.

Much like how they are color coating the fentanal to make it look like candy to get the kids hooked.

He might have served, but if I were a Seal, this man would be on my list of traitors.

Know where the man came from: Wiki:


Born to American parents in Aberdeen, Scotland,[3][4] Crenshaw grew up in Katy, Texas.[5] His mother died of cancer when he was ten years old.[6][7] His father, Jim Crenshaw, is a petroleum engineer who worked abroad, and Crenshaw spent time growing up in Ecuador and Colombia, developing proficiency in Spanish.[8] In 2002, he graduated from Colegio Nueva Granada in Bogotá, Colombia.[8]

After high school, Crenshaw returned to the United States and attended Tufts University, graduating in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts in international relations and a minor in physics.[9][10] After a decade of military service, he studied public administration at Harvard University‘s John F. Kennedy School of Government, receiving a Master of Public Administration in 2017.[11] He worked as a military legislative assistant for U.S. Representative Pete Sessions.[9][12]


If you want RINO grooming, there you have it. Harvard. Scotland. Spanish. Daddy was an oil engineer. I’m smelling a Bush, and not the beer.

You know what I see? Biden is destorying as MUCH of the military for China as he possible can. And they are starting with the best of the best.

Pass this video around…everywhere if you can. Because this man is us.

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Don Jr. Could Use some Tweeting Advice From his Dad

Nobody Wonders

This didn’t sit well with most of America. Yes, Budweiser is about American as you can get, but Trump Jr. failed to mention that the company is no longer owned by the Busch family. They sold it to…a foreign company:Like Disney, it’s now WOKE and being ordered by the New World Elite Order to follow the WOKE messages…or else.

Why did the Busch family sell Budweiser?

As it turns out, the descendants of Adolphus Busch didn’t have much of a choice. In June 2008, Belgian-Brazilian brewing company InBev offered to buy the business for $46 billion in an effort to consolidate four of the world’s largest beer companies under one roof. They were smart enough to keep the Clylesdales: But replacing those magnificant horses with a gay idiot? When MOST of their clients in America are beer- drinking American men?

And then to try to spread the rumor that the BIG GUYS at the top didn’t know about it? Blame it on some lame bimbo?

I don’t buy it. After watching Disney go woke, and the NBA, and football, and soccer, and ALL the big multinationls going woke, you’d have to be clueless to even think that Budweiser didn’t really do this up big time on purpose.

The ex CIA CEO of Budweiser gave a pretty lame apology trying to say that he loved America, yada yada yada…and didn’t mean to ‘divide’ anyone.

Is he THAT stupid? LOL. Or maybe because he was ordered to go woke, he REALLY did it bigtime to rebel?

I’m starting to wonder about some of this stuff.

The man is lying. His company was forced to put up that ad. First: It will hurt America’s economy, lots of people that are employed for InBev in America will lose money. Not to mention, the CEO’s will also lose money. Therefore the republicans will lose money. Campaign money that Trump’s dad desperately needs.

I could have written a better tweet than what Donald Jr. gave.

Once again, Busch is no longer an American company.

He could have just said, “It’s the economy stupid.” Try to ignore it and help keep Americans working.

The ‘kids’ of Adolphus, turned out to be…well spoiled, and not very good at business. Now they make their money being TV Stars.

While one of his sons kept the business going for as long as possible, he finally gave up.

So, the global “elites” are insisting that ALL the big multinational companies bow to the destrution of America with the gay LGB…whatever crap, and Trump Jr….saying we should all ignore it?

Why? Because evidently there aren’t too many companies left that will give to the Republican Party. And without money, you lose.

Donald Jr. needs to look at the crowds that his dad draws and not worry so much. But then again, those lawyer fees can eat you up, and maybe the other republicans are demanding money to even support his dad. We don’t know, but I’m sure it’s true.

Nobody Wonders.

We love you Donald Jr, and realize your just sticking up for your dad, but hey, even your Dad would have thought this tweet out better.

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