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Glory Days with Michelle and Obama…Again? thanks

Nobody’s Opinion: The more I see of Michelle, the more I’m convinced she is a man. Look how she outweights Springsteen, and she keeps her knees bent. She is now back to transforming herself to win over the baby boomers, and why did they do this in Spain?’

Nobody Wonders why the Obamas love Spain so much? Lots of Muslims there. But why is Springsteen there? Well, he got famous on promoting the country of America…but it was reported that Bruce, the Obama’s and Steven Speilburg were all there to hang out. No doubt, Steven is being drawn back into line by Obama, they are going to need him to stage Michelle like he did to help other democrats get elected. According to Dick Morris, the democrats are going to run Michelle,which China would love. First, as Joan Rivers told us before she died during a simply surgery 2 months after she said it, Obama was gay and Michelle was a transvestite. The blacks are not happy with what is going on with OLD JOE, and Obama has kept out of the limelight but since his whole cabinet was surrounding Joe, it would make sense they run Michelle instead of Kennedy.

He’s toxic to the New World Order. And Hillary is just not …well, you know, she’s annoying as hell.

We have to convince people what Michelle really is, and that she would just be another puppet, that the liberals would love.

But, look at that face. TELL me, that’s not a face of a man.

We’ve got to start talking to the black people around us, because they might vote for her just because she dances with rap singers and hangs out with all the cool people.

Your GOP CONGRESS won’t touch her. But, one idea: Tell the blacks that it’s Obama that’s really running Biden, and he is letting in millions of illegals…because the blacks don’t like that one bit.

Not one big.

Besides that, Glory Days of the Obamas and Bruce were not really….glorious at all.

No thanks senior.

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