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Nobody Flashes: Spielburg—Morals? or Money?

For years I have wondered how Spielberg could make all those war movies honoring our soldiers with emotionally themes to morality and family, and then turn around and support Obama…democrats.

To me it was sheer hypocracy. Stupidity or money? Or…he didn’t care as long as the politicians left him alone to do his art.

BUT…now that he is being told to go back and CHANGE his movies, he’s finally put his foot down.

As I have contended, he is the best in the business…and now they are touching his WORK. It’s one thing to give into the woke crowds when the deal is you can sell your movies to the world, but CHANGE those movies?

Steven is finally saying…NO.

April 28, 2023 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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