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Nobody’s Fool: Tucker Carlson-Keep Your Books

Nobody’s Fool:

Books. They have been the main avenue for the advancement of civilization since history started and men tried to invent an alphabet. From the lone scribblings on cave walls to the Encyclopedia of Alexandria, to the Library of Congress, and all the vast writings of every civilization of the world, BOOKS are the way mankind passed on its wisdom. The great religions of the world were built off—books.

Whole civilizations have been built on written words, not just the sword.

And books have been MY passion since I first read The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain, when I was eight. I haven’t stopped reading since, in fact, I am totally obsessed with books. Must be: I can’t help it.

It wasn’t always that way, in the first grade my teacher wrote to my mother and told her she was really worried about me, because I couldn’t read with the rest of the class. For one whole week, she spent an hour with me after school and taught me how to read—back then, dyslexia was not even a word.

I wish I could remember her name: Now, if you have that condition, good luck. In fact, Tucker has it too. To this day, I still can’t spell even the little words like ‘own.’ I see “nwo” when I proofread. LOL. (Was that a sign?)

So, when I heard this today about Tucker warning the world to KEEP THEIR HARDCOVERS, I just KNEW, why he was probably one of the last of the real educated men in the world, and why people are so addicted to his knowledge.

They ARE destroying the books. And they started with our local libraries.

He’s right. I have written many times about how Obama destroyed our libraries. And that was on purpose. He did it very quietly. And in the cities. Obama transformed our great libraries, and mostly around the schools. At least here in St. Louis.

The elites do NOT want an educated population, so libraries had to be revamped into internet ports. As Tucker says in his video below, digital can be controlled.

It took the whole two terms of Obama, but here in St. Louis, ALL the libraries were closed, and redesigned into ‘cool’ hubs of computers. Books were sold for quarters and dimes. Every week I’d go to the different libraries and go crazy.

And then, I noticed that the books in the library all disappeared. In the place of books were rows and rows of internet booths. My local library looks more like a kiddie porn computer Kool-aid shop now. It was a joke. Bright colors! Gone were the smell of leather and the endless rows of subjects. I went into shock. And the books they kept were about basketball stars, silly stuff. All the classics…gone. I don’t know how many times I would walk by a man looking at adult porn on a public computer in the library, while kids were running around. You wanted Shakespeare?

Good luck with that. But hey, watch this naked woman! It’s free at the library.

Then I noticed that all the bookstores closed. Only ONE Barnes and Noble was left in the whole St. Louis area after Obama’s reign. You had no choice, you had to order that book off Amazon.

Did you hear anybody talking about this? Nope.

I once requested a book written about Clinton, and I never got it. I was 97th in line, and sorry, we only ordered two of them.

Yes, they controlled the libraries…AND the colleges.

I truly believe books like cash will be eliminated in our lifetime. I recently took an inventory of my books and was shocked to see some of them worth over $1,000. I have a Disney Tour book, 2005, worth over $900 according to Amazon. I paid 10c for it.

Hey, maybe Mickey can call me up…I’ll give a deal! Even if he’s in a dress! Come on Mick! Call me!

The rich are going to hoard the books, and then they WILL be able to control what you read online. What you CAN read online. Hell, Google does that already. They are already banning Twain, and changing Gone With the Wind, and even Spielberg had come to say something about it.

They are…erasing…knowledge.

So yes, What Tucker said was one of the most important advice ever given to anyone.

 I’d LOVE to see his library.

Here’s mine: (Just my reference) I know. NOTE: I am NOT of the illuminati. Just weird. I have a Japanese room AND a Pirate’s Cove. Yes, weird. Hey, if I’m on lockdown, I’ll never be bored.

Our founders read…a lot. Jefferson and Adams had huge libraries. They also didn’t have TV to distract them. Without books, and the study of history, our country would not have written the best Constitution the world had ever known. Our founders WERE…more educated than 99 percent of our own Congress.

John Adam’s Library
Jefferson’s…most of which ended up to start the Library of Congress…over 6,000 books.

Sadly, educated men and women in our government are rare as bees.

All you have to do is watch Kamala Harris and KNOW, the last book she didn’t read is somewhere in her office making her look like she actually READ a book. They probably hire designers to make book cases for their offices. Books they NEVER read.

The Nazi’s burned books. Our elites don’t have to. They will force you to read that what they consider proper. They are doing it now all over the internet.

Now, it’s “Johnny is really Janie, and How to Suck and lick like a pro!”

The elites plan to get rid of all cash, and books. They didn’t teach you much math in school, so when Wall Street took your money that they gambled away, you wouldn’t notice. Now, they are just finishing the job of making an ignorant public. God forbid you EVER read about the horrors of communism.

And while you were watching the cable news scaring you all into putting masks on your face and hiding in your home…Obama and our government was getting rid of the best weapon you could have against them..

And that’s…knowledge…in the world’s collection of great books.

So, thank you Tucker Carlson…for the GREAT advice: Save your books, your weapons, and tell everyone you love…that you love them.

John Adams, would be proud.

Now, Enjoy our warrior of the truth: Tucker Carlson…Nobody Fool’s of the Week.

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