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Where’s Elon?

Whose running the AI world of tyranny takeover? See the guy in the middle? Notice Elon is not there, nor did he even mention XI or China in his interview with Tucker Carlson. Even though this was taken several years ago, it’s clear, China is way ahead on owning the internet. Look at all the big guys he has in his pocket. He used these people to help take out Trump.

Interesting, don’t you think? Also, while Elon mentioned Google in his recent interview with Tucker Carlson, he didn’t say much about Microsoft did he? Bill Gates is just as dangerous if not more so. Anybody whose been reading his ‘news’ on Bing daily can tell you that he’s full woke/ democratic /NWO/ hate Trump mode.

So, Nobody Wonders. Elon has, like the rest of them, major business with Tesla in China. But now, Biden is trying to take him out of the electric car business…why is that?

That could be one of the reasons he’s fighting now for ‘truth’ in America. Nobody Knows. But…

What was most appealing about the interview with Tucker was the fact that Elon fired most of the staff at Twitter. Which most Americans everywhere were probably thinking, “Gee, I don’t care, let’s make him President for four years and let him fire all of the scum in our government. Clean house.” After all, nobody in our government cares about the Constitution, and at this point, we have to wonder…even dream, some man would do that.

Will we be ruled forever more by China, by the Elites? Have they already set the stage for America’s destrution?

Take a look at this picture…2015. Remember, China thinks long term.

Our politicians think in just the terms of their bank accounts.

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