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Patriot? Or Puppet? Dan Crenshaw—you dicide.

After watching this video, I was furious. I had already made up my mind that Crenshaw was a ‘planted’ globalist, but after listening to this guy’s video, and thinking of all the Janurary 5th people inprisoned, you know what I thought of?

Political Fentanal. They get the public hooked on the ‘good old American’ boy, but it’s a disguise to get you hooked on the lie that he’s a real American patriot.

Much like how they are color coating the fentanal to make it look like candy to get the kids hooked.

He might have served, but if I were a Seal, this man would be on my list of traitors.

Know where the man came from: Wiki:


Born to American parents in Aberdeen, Scotland,[3][4] Crenshaw grew up in Katy, Texas.[5] His mother died of cancer when he was ten years old.[6][7] His father, Jim Crenshaw, is a petroleum engineer who worked abroad, and Crenshaw spent time growing up in Ecuador and Colombia, developing proficiency in Spanish.[8] In 2002, he graduated from Colegio Nueva Granada in Bogotá, Colombia.[8]

After high school, Crenshaw returned to the United States and attended Tufts University, graduating in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts in international relations and a minor in physics.[9][10] After a decade of military service, he studied public administration at Harvard University‘s John F. Kennedy School of Government, receiving a Master of Public Administration in 2017.[11] He worked as a military legislative assistant for U.S. Representative Pete Sessions.[9][12]


If you want RINO grooming, there you have it. Harvard. Scotland. Spanish. Daddy was an oil engineer. I’m smelling a Bush, and not the beer.

You know what I see? Biden is destorying as MUCH of the military for China as he possible can. And they are starting with the best of the best.

Pass this video around…everywhere if you can. Because this man is us.

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