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Weather Wars: They ARE Real

You know how I feel about this…when the weather man can tell you “There will be tornadoes today” and can predict it now up until the hour, but otherwise gets everything else wrong, you KNOW something is suspicious. All my life, weathermen have only been right about 60 percent of the time, sometimes they will miss the events by DAYS.

For instance, today we were suppose to have rain and horrible storms. It was sunny all day. And when we do have storms, the clouds look right out of a Sci-fi movie.

There are patents on this, and so many tornadoes that are destroying cities and lives, are even more damaging than Putin. And gee..most of the destruction has been in food growing places, small towns, and add that to the train derailments, somebody has declared war on America, and winning it house by house. Farm by farm…but they don’t talk it much. They act as if…it’s just “Climate change.” Fires and weather have destroyed much of next year’s crops in every state.

Now they are threatening UFO attacks, and nuclear warfair on top of it all.

Anyway, I thought this video was worth the watch. Just in case you thought I was nuts all along.

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