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Nobody Flashes A Race Conversation At Walmart.

Once a week, I have to go to my local Wal-Mart, because most ALL the shops in my area have closed. All but maybe one or two of the employees are black. But, on my last trip, I noticed something…concerning. I had to ask a black employee, a young woman of about 26, to get her keys and open up a case where the perfume was located. She didn’t say a word to me. I told her what I needed but I could tell, she had no clue, so I went up to the case to POINT to the bottle, and very lighty, and accidently, brushed her shoulder. I couldn’t help it. She was a big woman and sort of in the way. She wasn’t talking to me, but the look she gave me was a killer. I thanked her and walked off. She was NOT going to talk to me. If I had been her manager, I would have fired her. But…you can’t nowadays and the blacks know it.

Going on, I went to the milk section and a young black man with dreadlocks was washing off the floor. I thought “Here’s a young man trying to work.” I couldn’t get at the milk, so I tried starting up a converstion. “Gee, you remind me, I have to go clean my house this afternoon,” and laughed. It was, an innocent remark. He said nothing. So I said, “Wow, you’re the SECOND person who refused to talk to me in this store…what’s going on?”

“I said something to you.” He stood up and replied.

“No, you didn’t.” and then I added, “You know, not ALL white people are racist.”

You should have seen the look on his face. To make a long story short, he wanted to talk. He said he was taught in school that all white people are racist but he just found out that it was the black Africans that SOLD their people into slavery. I could tell, it was a big surprise to him.

“You know, they are TRYING to make blacks and whites fight. It’s a scam. Don’t fall for it. It’s the divide and conquer.” I said. And he started telling me his feelings. He WANTED to not hate whites. You could tell, he was torn.

“There are racist in both blacks and whites,” I said. And he nodded. He knew it was true.

We had a good conversation, and when I left he said to me, “It was an honor to meet you.” Really, made my day. Before, I would have just not spoken up, been scared after all the video’s I’ve watched, but there comes a time, somebody has to reach out…as this man Bob Woodson did. He gave a beautiful rendition of the truth.

And then, watch to the end. The reparations black women tried to shut him up. Typical. She was younger and insisted whites were racist.

Maybe, if more of us ‘white’ people would call out the blacks, maybe it’s time we all start the conversation. Maybe, just maybe if we reach out to more of them, they would start…thinking. Maybe.

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  1. Astonishing. I am flabberghasted. I have just heard a gentleman speak for several minutes WITHOUT being interrupted. Never let this clip of video be lost. It will be used as an illustration one day: and exemplar. Mind you, it will need to be deployed carefully, lest future people get the impression that we had good manners in America in the 2020’s. That would be disinformation, of course. 🙂


    Comment by Amfortas | April 21, 2023 | Reply

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