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Nobody Wonders: They got rid of Tucker…who’s next?

Everyone today was shocked. Tucker Carlson is the most watched program on FOX, and probably all of the media, even by Democrats. So FOX fired him, but really, I’m surprised they let him go on as long as they did with Paul Ryan on the Board.

But there is a pattern here, is there not? First, they got rid of Bill O’Reilly. Then Bill Ayers, Fox’s main director. THEN the Covid was released and they got rid of President Trump. Along the way, one by one, Rush Limbaugh, General Flynn. Roger Stone. Rudi Guilanni. Steve Bannon. Kati Lake: A few weeks ago, it was the great investigatore, James O’Keefe, and then the attacks on Elon Musk. Fox just got rid of Dan Bongino. One by one they are getting rid of anyone who dares stop the NWO China government from becoming reality. Notice they are doing it one at a time. Today they fired Don Lemon, of CNN, just to make you think it wasn’t just conservatives. But, let’s face it, the elites are losing billions what with the Communists now controlling Biden and all of our big companies.

Who’s next? Glenn Beck?

Below Tucker I’m posting two more links to this insanity. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNI, and the communists plans to take over the world.

Today, I was outside doing yard work and I usually listen to the radio. I could not get one station longer than two minutes even though I changed the batteries on all three radios THREE TIMES. They can SAY it was the sun, but gee…I wonder. I even plugged in an electric radio. Nothing. They have most of this planned out. It’s pretty clear as Tucker said….they are controlling and censoring everything, and they PLAN to chip our brains so that they can make sure, NO one has an independent thought. I now wonder if all those big screen TV sold at Wal Mart will someday be able to be controlled.

They are SURE this will happen. But now we know what they are doing. Right? Good Lord.

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