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Nobody Wonders:What the HECK is going on?

How much stranger can it get? The democrats, with the help of Fauci, Gates, and China, kept Trump out of the Presidency, put Biden in (With Obama and his old cabinet telling him what to do) and were all ready to continue their GREAT RESET, when Elon Musk, took revenge on Biden for dismissing his Tesla, and bought Twitter and exposed ALL the crimes that they have been doing. After all, isn’t Elon doing all the things the globalists want? Making electric cars, developing the chips for the brain, promoting solar panels, building tiny little houses?

Why go after him? And where is DeSantis on this?

Not to mention, all their crimes are being exposed.

As Vivek says, this is just another ‘way’ to make sure Trump is damaged goods…or is it? Elon warns them that if they do this, Trump will win re-election.

But what THIS Nobody Wonders is the tweet Trump put out telling his supporters that he will be arrested and to…”Protest, protest!” WHAT? Did he REALLY write this?

Can you believe it? I can’t.

After January the 6th, when Trump told everybody to respectable, I find it very disturbing that Trump would even say that, because everybody knows, the globalists WANT the masses to protest so that they can come and take everybodies guns.

Nobody Wonders…while Vivek says what is concerning here brillantly, I wonder…what kind of movie script are we watching now?

Who really is on first?

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