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Nobody Wins with Dr. Rachel

Nobody Wins

Just when I thought our President was the biggest imbecile walking on the planet, I have to admit, even Biden looks one step up the idiot ladder compared to this nutjob.

Dr. Rachel is a man, who says he is a woman, and, as the final joke lectures the nation on “health’ issues. Tell me, is this nutjob really going to tell us all how to be “healthy.”?Staring at the double chin alone makes me wonder what happens when he/she plays golf. If he puts the ball where he can see it, he can’t hit it. And if he puts it where he can see it, he can’t hit it.

The pearls…OMG. Really?

But she/he can sure tell us all that COVID IS…’RACIST.’ Black people get sicker, and WHY is that? That stupid Covid sees a black person and jumps right into that delectable black booty…I mean body. If they thought black people would see Dr. Rachel and run right out and get a vaccine, you have to wonder…just how hard are the Russians and Chinese laughing at us.

Did anyone know this…man/woman when she/he had only ONE chin and ONE stomach?

No. Clearly not. To put this abnormality in charge of the United States citizens health care is beyond insulting to even fat people.

He was ugly as a man, and he’s even uglier as a ‘woman.’ And add to that she/he really thinks she is doing something good for us all, and you KNOW we are doomed.

Nobody Wins, when your President puts such imcompetant, ugly, and really— just jokes in prominent positions to rule us all. In fact, they put them in to INSULT the whole country.

Why else would they do it? Do you REALLY think any sane person would put up Dr. Rachel as a model of health?

Nobody Wins when your nation is lead by….losers.

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