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Nobody Wonders: WAR! WAR? WHY?

Actor? Puppet for America’s dirty politicians? Giving the illuminati sign? Saying America’s soldiers will be dying soon? Trying as hard as he can to esculate the war?

My god.

Does anybody else think we need to start a MOST WANTED POSTER for all our globalist criminals and blast it on every corner of the planet? Starting with this guy and all who stand with him?

Strange: I’m watching Rocky IV right now, where Rocky fights in Russia. American guts. America never giving up. A movie which in the end tried to stop the two nations from war.

Rockey begs for peace between the two countries. I still think neither Putin or Trump wants war. Neither do the American OR Russian people.

No population in the world wants war. So, DAMN all the politicians pushing for it. Especially this clown.

It’s time we start calling out all the politicians who backed this war. All of them.

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