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Nobody Flashes: Glenn Beck…Finally Gets It

Glenn Beck has NEVER been a big fan of Donald Trump. But this weekend, I think he finally gets why so many people go to his rally’s and so people voted for him.

Trump ALWAYS says what we’ve been thinking, and we all know, he loves America. AND…most importantly, he’s a business man who went after all the rich politicians who have raped and soaked this country for decades. The common man, who loved their country, always paid their taxes, and were getting tired of getting screwed.

Glenn now knows why.

Trump repects the little man. We loved his tweets, we loved the fact that you get what you see. If he couldn’t get something done, it was because Congress stopped it at every turn. As I’ve said before, Congress gave FAUCI the power to override any President.

One thing Trump has always done, is stick to the law.

And now, we see, he’s the only man standing up against the globalists. Anyway, I could go on, but I wanted everyone to see Glenn figuring out that it’s America that they want to destroy, and Trump, has always been in the way.

DeSantis…is a politician. He does NOT have the experience of Trump. He’s back by the globalists. For that reason alone, Trump should be the nominee in 2024.

And sorry Bill O’Reilly…who says if Trump doesn’t get DeSantis for his VP he’ll lose. For that reason alone, the backing of the RINOS, he should not make him VP.

Anyway, enjoy Beck’s rant. Clearly…it’s one of his best.

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