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Biden Sends Pension Money to Ukriane, while Tornadoes destroy the Midwest.

Nobody’s Opinion.

Biden has said he is not only paying for Ukraine’s defense by sending BILLIONs upon BILLIONS of dollars for “However long ti takes” to help Ukraine, here in the United States, our cities are filling up with homeless, and tornadoes are ripping apart our cities. Not to mention floods, and fires, and whatever other “climate change” war zones they can come up with.

Here in America, he promotes transvestite days.

While we’ve all seen the destruction in Ukraine, NOBODY is coming to help the poor Americans who have lost everything due to tornadoes/weaponized by our own technology. (With the help of China) And they will keep it up…because it’s all about destroying us and blaming it on the “weather.” While we can feel sorry for the Ukrianians, Obama helped start that mess, and Biden is making sure it leads to WWIII. In the meantime, our own poor people here…will THEY get pensions?

Don’t count on it.

What are we going to be distracted with all next?

The ongoing fake attacks of the REAL winner of the last Presidential election: President Trump.

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