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Are they Controlling Tornados? CAN they do this? Are we being poisoned from the sky?

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You know what I think. I’ve been watching chemtrials in the sky for years. I do a lot of yard work, every day, and I’ve noticed that two days before they predict rainstorms, all you do is look up, and the jets will be criscrossing trails, and when the storm hits, it’s more powerful than you remember all your life. As if, all of a sudden the Earth took a twist.

Of course it does that. It rotates every 11 years…but now they have HARP, they can not only cause droughts, but manipulate Hurricanes. They can’t MAKE the hurricane yet, but they can seed them, and turn them. There are hundreds of weather manipulation patents. They can cause earthquakes. The recent Russian pipeline that Biden blew up was the biggest disaster for the OZONE layer in the history of man.

Think they care? Whose doing all this spraying on us?

I was so happy today to see a clear blue sky. That doesn’t happen often anymore. But, sure enough, the weatherman said that on Friday WE would probably get…tornadoes.

He should know. And if they are anything like we’ve seen in Tennessee, I’m not happy about it.

Notice how they don’t talk about the bees missing? And notice how every politician claims that Climate Change is the most pressing issue right now? It’s because THEY are using weather warfare on the globe to futher their people control, and mass extinctions. So yeah, the climate, according to Dean Wigington will kill everyone on the planet…but it’s not Mother Nature….

It’s the elites.

When Bill Gates says he wants to take out the sun, and puts his millions to work on it, Uh…maybe you should take him for the dangerous man that he is.

If you can handle this, I suggest watching it. It’s pretty tough to take, and I don’t know ONE man, not one, who takes it seriously.

But I do. I want to know, whose spraying the planet.

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