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Nobody Wonders: Why was the ‘arrest’ put off?

Gee…all this talk about President Trump being arrested on Tuesday, and now it’s move up to Wednesday, but they won’t take the photo they want untill next week?

What? Is the photographer booked? Whoopie has to do her nails?

BLM thinks its too cold to riot? FBI agents are on vacation? What’s the holdup? Can’t find enought thugs to go and put him in handcuffs?

This is SUCH a joke. All the DeSantis supporters were besides themselves trying to stick up for DeSantis’ big mistake not talking about what a farce this was. Steve Deace from the BLAZE is almost hysterical.. He blames Trump for killing millions.

That’s how stupid he is. He admitted that the American people love Trump because he loves them…but he hates the guy.

And so, DeSantis had to come out and hit Trump hard about Fauci, and whatever.

You know who should remember this? Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck. They made the mistake of releasing a ‘naked’ photo of Melania right before the Ohio primary and then denied they did it.

After Bill Clinton? Do they really think America’s memory is that short?

People aren’t stupid. Beck learned his lesson…but DeSantis thinks he can, with the help of the media and big money, ‘win the election’ as he says.

Who do you trust….The DeSantis crowd or Farage?

Deace may think he’s right…but he doesn’t even come close to the knowledge of Farage. In fact, I can barely stand to listen to him anymore. He’s becoming arrogant in his stances. Charlie Kirk is taking his audience away and none too soon.

Nigel, once again, comes to bat for sannity. Nigel Farage: Trying to save England (And America) one speech at a time.

How can you not love the guy?

Trump, if he’s smart will take this and run all the way to the bank.

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