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Ya Gotta Love Reggie Love….

Nobody Cares

The lovable Reggie Love, so excited to be the President’s best buddy…has finally come out and made his ‘buddy’ look like the fraud that he is.

First: He ALMOST said where Obama was born.

Second: He then insisted Obama was playing cards during Benghazi and didn’t feel like watching it. Gee…just imagine if George W. Bush had been playing cards during 9/11, because he didn’t want to watch it?

And yet, Oprah Winfrey,…does nothing.

Personally, I think if you are President of the United States you shouldn’t have time to play cards, let alone golf every day.

And by the way…what EXACTLY does Reggie Love do for the President besides play cards? I think we all ought to know if Reggie is gay, don’t you? Then Obama could claim to be the first ‘gay’ President too! After all, lots of gays marry and have children before they settle down with the one they really love.

Could Reggie Love be Obama’s REAL love? After all…he’s no different from a Monica Lewinsky.

Until we know what he does, we can all speculate. We’re Americans. It’s what we do, and frankly, I think we should to MORE of it, not less.

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Sheriff Joe Wants to Know, Where did the Media Go?

Nobody Knows

Well…Donald Trump TRIED to make a big deal out of it, but evidently, Romney shut him down. Joe has done serious research into the fact that Obama broke the law, and forged documents to become President.

The fact that NOBODY in Congress…and that means…Nobody, even pursued this at all, is proof that they are all corrupt. All of them.

Because nobody wanted to get the man on fraud, he’s got complete power, and is grabbing more.

Ask yourself: What would George Washington have done?

HA. Firing squad. Traitors were shot back then.

With people like Glenn Beck saying constantly, “There ARE no conspiracies.”  the powerful can do just about anything. Untill good men wise up, nothing will happen.

As my readers know, I was hoping, for all his faults and bombastic proclivity to promote himself, I was hoping Trump would have run. Obama needed to be hammered. Instead we got the “nice guy ” again. Nothing wrong with a nice guy, but you don’t bring a puppy to a knife fight.

I think the Rhino’s talked Trump out of running. …got him to back Romney with promises of great real estate deals.

Too bad.

And…now..I go to rake the leaves off my yard. Sorry Joe…the American people..still love ya! Don’t stop fighting.

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