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Nobody’s Fool: Years of Liberal American Teachers, and Nobody Wins

 Nobody Fool:

I’m combining my two Thursday titles today, because they deal with the same subject: our wacko, liberal, no-brain, liberal teachers who run our schools and universities.

So, let’s start with a man who has won the Nobody’s Fool Award many times before–The VERY American, Wild Bill–gives us some examples of really stupid things done by our schools:

Actually, No. 2 almost happened to me. I went up to my local grade school to gather my son after school one day, and just walked into the school, into the hallway and down to his class. The teachers that were still there ran OUT of their rooms and began to panic An actual parent was IN THE SCHOOL!!


The principal RAN down the hallway (Okay, she was pretty fat, and watching her run was funny) and told me that I HAD to leave immediately.

“Hey, schools out. I’m just here to pick up my son and walk him home.”

“Well, if we let YOU do it, we’d have to let every parent do it!” she exclaimed. “If you don’t leave now I will have to call the police.”

“Well then, call them.” I said. “I pay your salary AND theirs.”

She didn’t call them, but I was told I was not ever allowed in that school again without signing in first.

What is so strange about this is the year was 1984. This was long before Columbine, or 9/11, or anything like that. The little dirty secret is that the liberals have been taking over control of our kids for decades, and making sure the parents had absolutely no say whatsoever in their little brainwashing endeavors. They just kept us OUT of the schools. We were only permitted one night a year. People were so busy working they just accepted it.

And because they did such a bang up job of brainwashing so many kids, we now see this happening:

Nobody Wins—

–when Muslims are allowed their prayers to be BLASTED all over the frigging school!  Can Christians BLAST their prayers all over Duke University? I’d start demanding it.

OVER The intercom, just like the Muslims. And then the Jews should get their turn too. Add some Wickens to that.

The National Cathedral now holds Muslim prayers. How nice is that for all the people who lost loved ones on 9/11?

And that’s what happens when you have liberals run your schools…they end up electing a Muslim to run their country, simply because they really are..

That uneducated. (I could have said stupid, but…go ahead. I’ll let you.)

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Are You REALLY a Liberal and Don’t Know it?

Nobody Cares

____about the meaning of words.

I was talking today to my good friend amfortas in Australia (many of you know him from his more than enlightening comments) and he told me, while laughing, that Americans have so many things backward: For instance, we call our Democrats, liberals. To an Englishman, a liberal is a Ronald Reagan, who by our definition was a true conservative. They have the liberals and the labor parties. We have the ‘liberals’ and the ‘conservatives.’

After watching the video, it seems I am a classical liberal, as is …Ron Paul.

SO…WHY do the Democrats in this country call themselves liberals when they, by the English definition, are completely the opposite?

because they can’t call themselves socialists. In fact, up to this past year, it was a dirty word in America. Just four years ago, when running for President, Hillary finally did come out of the closet and admit she was a “progressive.”…communist being too strong a word. The Democrats always lie and confuse…whenever possible.

So, once again, the Nobody learns from the somebody. Give the video a watch, you might find out that YOU TOO…are a liberal! OMG…Who knew? And, it’s about time we ‘correct’ those masquerading as liberals out of respect for the real meaning of the word…don’t you think?

(Thanks to amfortas)

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