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Nobody’s Fool: Mark Steyn

Nobody’s Fool

Nobody in the world can put into six minutes the whole explanation of the tyranny of climate change like Mark Steyn.

“Why can’t we be China for a day” ? says Mark in his usual witty explanation of the bloody elitist who want to use climate change to push the world into a One World Government.

Congratulations Mark! You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for the entire century when it comes to battling Climate Change. (LOVE THE PICTURE)



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Nobody’s Fool: Mark Steyn…Again.

Nobody’s Fool

Whenever Rush takes a few days off, Mark Steyn sometimes takes over, and I usually put my chores around the radio. He is simply……. the best.

Here he talks about how wherever there is Islam, there is poverty.

Mark Steyn Wins the Nobody’s Fool Award for being in the top ten brilliant minds (not to mention wit) in my Nobody Opinion, of our lifetimes.


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