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Fathers: Endangered Speices?

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Fathers are on the endangered species list, but nobody is talking about it. Once upon a time, I wrote for a website called Mens News Daily. It was site for which men who had gone through painful divorces could rant about the pain, and the unfairness of the judicial system. Since I had been divorced myself, I thought it was just a two-way street, and then I started noticing the problems of my son, and HIS friends, and it was clear…the women had changed since even my day. Generation X’s women believed that the world owed them a man who did everything for them. More of them were raised by divorced mothers, and to me they seemed much more ruthless.

Their kids.. are growing up to be outlaws. I wish someone would take a survey of all those protesting on Wall Street. I would bet my grandmother’s favorite locket that most of those kids and people are from single parent families. The tea party on the other hand, were mostly families.

The Tea Party believe in the rule of law, fairness…god and family. Wall Street people, who suffered from not having that extra support, want what the absent parent didn’t give them. And they want it now.

Anyone who has studied communism or Marxism knows that the only way to take over freedom away from people are to destroy the family unit, and in Europe, and the United States we are seeing just what our society has become. The experts have known that fatherless families bring a society that crumbles, and so we have had feminism propaganda thrust down everyone throat. It was a planned destruction. It was easy, and it has worked.

Marxism needs the state to be daddy, and that’s why Obama is promoting the “youths’. Today in his speech he said to Libya,

“You have won your revolutions. Youths are delivering a powerful rebuke to dictators.”

And so, he urges the Wall Street protests on…to rally them to revolt against the “state.” who Obama tells them are the conservatives,Republicans, and the tea party, because you see, he diverts his own dictatorial power away with lies and deceit.

History show that fatherless children turn to drugs and crime

It is interesting to note that in the backgrounds of most of the famous lawman, such as Wyatt Earp, a strong family unit was present with parents who preached early to their sons the moral necessity of obeying and upholding the law.For the most part, these men had both mother and father through their childhoods, whereas a good deal of the outlaws, bandits and gunmen that plagued the Old West grew up with only one parent, invariably a stern father with little time to spend with sons, the mother having died early. Many of the worst outlaws were orphaned as youths and had no parental guidance at all. The father of Jesse James left them early. It was the same with the Dalton’s and their mother. Outlaw sons seemed also th have an almost pathological devotion to their mothers. —Jay Nash, Encyclopedia of Western Lawmen & Outlaws.

And a society without the family unit with a mother and a father leaves country on the pathological path to destruction.

And that’s exactly what Obama wants.

Save the importance of the father, the family, and you might just save the country. Even the best of mothers have a hard time raising children by themselves, and any woman who tells you she never has any problem with her fatherless child…is either lying, or delusional.




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