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Nobody’s Fool: Jim Gordon

Sorry, having trouble still…but don’t miss Jim Gordon at his best. Just ignore that first blank video.

The trouble is: No matter what we all know the FBI has done, the top guys, Comey and his replacement are great criminals themselves.

And they were used to get rid of our President.

Jim hits all the marks. Jim also would make a great President.

Now the FBI is the enemy of the people. Who really runs it now?

Nobody Wonders.

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Nobody’s Fool: Rep. Jim Jordan

Nobody’s Fool

While none of this will probably come out in the Senate Trail, UNLESS they let Jim Jordan speak, we have to be thankful that this man, this honest man, keeps ringing the bell of corruption and what caused this whole thing in the first place.

Rep Jim Jordan continues to be the hero we all need.

We need more like him.

Tomorrow the circus continues.


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Nobody’s Fool: Jim Jordan

Nobody’s Fool

Jim Jordan is running for speaker of the house. It’s time to kick globalist traitor/ Koch lover/ open border/ Obama lover/ Paul Ryan  OUT.

Paul Ryan is staying in on purpose to stop anything President Trump wants to accomplish.

Hannity is all for Jim to be speaker and I am too.

Nobody has worked harder in the House than Jim Jordan…working for the people. He usually has the best questions on all the Congressional bull sessions.

So, We the People should be supporting this man with everything we can.

Paul Ryan’s “A Better Way” should be, “There IS a Better Way Paul”

Get out now.

Jim Jordan: Speaker.

I love the sound of that. I’m saying an EXTRA prayer for this good man.

And also, sending an extra dollar.


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