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When In Rome, Get In Your IPod

Nobody Reports that Nobody Reads!

Here are a few intersting items I found in my reading today:

In Bushworld, Maureen Dowd complained about Dick Cheney and President Bush…hiding things.

“The vice president and president are really concerned about the privacy of power. They want to do, and be accountable to no one. The theme of Bush I is now the them of Bush II: Trust us, even if we won’t let you verify. we know we’re right . We answer to no one. “

That sentence could very well have been written about Barack Obama and his administration. “We have to pass the bill so we can read it.”

Has Maureen figured out by now that the democrats rule the same way?

Has a pigmy ever won a Pultizer?


In What Life Was Like When Rome Ruled the World I found this:

The Roman historian Livy said Rome was a “free nation, governed by annually elected officers of state and subject not to the caprice of individual men, but to the overriding authority of law.” The Romans codified their young “republic” around 430 BC in the Twelve Tables.

Now, this was not exactly a “republic” because only the wealthy patricians could vote and be elected. The common man (plebeians) did not have a say. And when the Roman elites sent the poor plebeians to fight the war in Carthage (Africa) it got sticky.

“Plebeians burdened by debt and lenglthy military service were losing their land to patricians who profited by the labor of slaves taken in battle”

So…history shows that the patricians and the plebeians are still in the exact same place. Even in the “republic” of China.

Nobody also likes this:….a speaker system for $100, 000. and a clever IPOD that you can climb into when the next flood comes. That’s only $3,900.

Now, how to get that stereo into that IPOD….Nobody is working on it.




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