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There’s Always Good in Hubble Heaven…

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Here’s a few pictures for a Sunday afternoon to get our minds off of Boston and disturbed humans wanting to blow up cities: Here are four of my favorite new pictures taken by Hubble. For more spectacular pictures…go here.


Hubble 2hubble 3hubble 4horsehead-nebula-hubble-620

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  1. Stunning and beautiful. What a Universe.

    And…. get this, for all the beauty and diversity of forms in the known Universe, it seems we, on this small planet in the outer reaches of nowhere in particular, are UNIQUE.

    Nowhere else are all the elements, all 98, found in one place, but here. (See ‘Universe Today’ for a report) All are out there, but only here are they all together. There are a few componds (several elements combined) existing out there and not here, but we can make them in a laboratory anyway. Even elements that do not naturally occur can be made here by mankind’s initiative and inventiveness (that’s why the periodic table now has more than 98).

    Indeed, if it were not for the inventiveness and initiative of mankind ( note that neither is ‘real’ in the sense of having any material existence, anywhere) we would be unable to SEE the beauty and be awed. (Note 2. Awe and beauty have no material, physical existence either). Wrap your head around that and also be astonished at the conundrum.

    As we discover and observe more and more of the Universe, we become more and more aware that we are seeing only the ‘material’, the physical, yet become more slowly aware that there is something far more and ‘non-physical, non-material’ that gives meaning and context and rationale for the Universe. Something ‘Super-Natural’. And we are unique in having that too.


    Comment by Amfortas | April 20, 2013 | Reply

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