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Nobody Flashes The !0th Wonder of the World…Hubble!

Nobody Flashes

A tribute to Hubble!

(At least this Nobody thinks it should be the 10th wonder.)

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There’s Always Good in Hubble Heaven…

Nobody Flashes

Here’s a few pictures for a Sunday afternoon to get our minds off of Boston and disturbed humans wanting to blow up cities: Here are four of my favorite new pictures taken by Hubble. For more spectacular pictures…go here.


Hubble 2hubble 3hubble 4horsehead-nebula-hubble-620

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Hubbling the Ultra Deep Neurosis

Nobody Remembers–

The very first “fright” of my life. I was three, and looking up at the stars from the back of my dad’s old Ford. It was not only scary, but it was the start of my true neurotic understanding that I could NEVER be anything in life because I was just a tiny bit of speck of nothing in sight of that massive universe. The vastness of the universe crushed me that night.

I never really got over it. I mean come on…I’m still the NOBODY! Even if Nobody Cares that Nobody Remembers!

BUT…it deosn’t mean that I can’t enjoy sharing this with everyone. If you wondered how we got those cool deep space pictures, this explains it.

Enjoy! Excuse me while I go outside and look up.

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Nobody Wants a Mile Long Wedding Veil…

Nobody Notes

I’m NOT a fashionable lady. Even though I had to dress up every single night for work..high heels, velvet dresses, red lipstick, push-up bras..(get your mind up one level…I was an ‘musician’), I would rather have on old jeans or shorts and no shoes at all. If you ask me to go look at pictures taken by Hubble, or go shopping, there would be no contest…I have closets full of clothes, and once in a while, I go look at them, and dream of selling off my whole collection of gowns to have enough money to buy a good telescope.

But fashion is art in many circles, and some of us don’t get it. For instance: Someone made a veil for a wedding dress that is 1.85 miles long. Who is going to marry someone in that dress? For $7,950 I’d say it’s a bargain. And look at it here…how many bugs, and mud stains, and grass stains, and dog doo stains, and rocks rips,  are ruining that veil just for this picture?  You can’t tell me after this picture was taken that the dress is still good. The price should be reduced by half. You’d have to have the ceremony outside and maybe drap it over the grand canyon. Or fall out of a plane…or get married on top of the Empire State Building, and let it hang down the side.

Still…when you consider the other fashion hits of history, maybe a mile long veil isn’t so bad after all….

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