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Hubbling the Ultra Deep Neurosis

Nobody Remembers–

The very first “fright” of my life. I was three, and looking up at the stars from the back of my dad’s old Ford. It was not only scary, but it was the start of my true neurotic understanding that I could NEVER be anything in life because I was just a tiny bit of speck of nothing in sight of that massive universe. The vastness of the universe crushed me that night.

I never really got over it. I mean come on…I’m still the NOBODY! Even if Nobody Cares that Nobody Remembers!

BUT…it deosn’t mean that I can’t enjoy sharing this with everyone. If you wondered how we got those cool deep space pictures, this explains it.

Enjoy! Excuse me while I go outside and look up.

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  1. Fascinating…and very eloquently stated by Amfortas.


    Comment by Pattie | June 22, 2012 | Reply

  2. hahahahaha. The misunderstandings of a three year old are still with you. My dear Joyanna, you may be just a speck in a vast cosmos but you have ‘MIND’ and ‘SOUL’. These come from far below the surface of this vast external reality, which is like the surface of an ocean. In those depths is that which keeps the surface up here. The Implicate Order.

    Here we are small in the Explicate Order of ‘things’. But our soul and mind break through this surface reality. They bring the deep, up. They allow us to be the eyes of the cosmos; the Understanding’ of the cosmos. We are of the ‘Implicate Order’. Our ‘reach’ is deep. Far deeper than the vast width of the Universe. We are the means by which this Universe is to know what it is.

    YOU, my dear, are NOT small.

    When I look up, I see the wonder of God’s creation and I am filled with wonder. But I know that such wonder can only be appreciated by these specks we call humanity.


    Comment by Amfortas | June 21, 2012 | Reply

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