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“Anti-White” Crime? No Such Thing.

Nobody Reports

Yes. White violence is everywhere. Notice this video, a black man is lying on the ground, unconscious, with a concussion, and broken nose.

Those vicious white people who attacked this man are the reason China is calling us a racist nation.

Yes, white people must have done this. The black people you are hearing in this video, are really…whites. And that guy on the ground…he just looks white.

How do we know? The officer who filed the report wrote “anti-white” crime. But his police Chief, made sure to remedy that mistake.

This was NOT an anti white crime said Police Chief Mike Neville of Cincinnati. The officers made a mistake.

It truly is sad when a bunch of black people (I mean white people) can’t go about and have a good time kicking the shit out of whoever they like

Obviously…just like ISIS..they need some fun in their lives.

Guess they missed the fireworks.

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