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Nobody’s Perfect: The EU VS Man With Fireworks

Nobody’s Perfect

This week, we have the European Union VS the man who blew fireworks off his head.Greece

Let’s start with the EU.

Americans of course, don’t know much about the whole malarkey of the European Union, and the big deal about Greece trying to get out of it, but over there, it’s big news.

We are hearing how Greece voted to NOT pay back their debt, thereby signing their future away forever. Here in America, we are hearing how spoiled rotten they are, how the Germans are supporting them, and how they won’t bend in, and give up some of their many benefits that they get from their welfare state.

Those lazy welfare recipients!

On the other hand, when you have a bunch of non-elected, snobby, rich, elitist bureaucrats and bankers calling all the shots in Brussels, merging countries and then redistributing the money to whomever they choose, sooner or later the house of Play your Monte Carlo Cards will fall. The government GIVES out goodies, and then takes them away.  It’s a favorite pastime of governments.

As Margaret Thatcher so famously once said:EU

“The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money. “

So, Greece put up the vote: Should we stay or should we go?

The rich Greeks— didn’t want to leave the EU: “Maybe if we return to the drachma, the economy will be stronger in five years’ time. But I will have lost five years of my life.”

And the poor Greeks said: “We have to choose between cutting off our arms or cutting off our heads.”

They knew, they could lose everything voting no, as they know the BANKERS are going to grab whatever they can, because Greece’s debt is so big, it can’t ever be repaid. (sound familiar?)

And low and behold! The Greek youth got out in droves, because, why should THEY pay for the old people to stay in their mansions forever when they can’t even find a job?

Hell NO! They shouted. We vote…no.

The EU was shocked.shocked cat

Here’s the speech given to the people right before the vote:

Yes, it started there…in the Delta House. The true spirit of Greece, where democracy was born, rose up!

The EU is falling apart because as another person said: “You can’t fix stupid.

Which brings us to the stupidest thing ever done by a 22-year-old: Devon Staples.Devon staples

A 22-year-old man celebrating the Fourth of July was killed instantly over the weekend when authorities said he tried to launch fireworks from atop his head.

It seems, according to his friends, Devon had a bit too much to drink and was just horsing around.

In MY day, this is what 22- year-olds did when they were horsing around….and drunk:

Obviously, the American beer is being made in China now.

So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the Week?

That’s easy. Poor Devon. I refuse to judge a dead man. I think the act alone was punishment enough.

I don’t think I can express the goof-up of the EU better than the most remarkable, Daniel Hannon, who said this:

We should also look at how the EU has behaved over the past week. It has bullied, hectored, lied and threatened. It has sought to remove an elected government. It has placed the survival of the euro above the welfare of the people who use it.

Over the next year, these same Eurocrats will be threatening Britain with penury if we leave the EU. They will be supported by their British auxiliaries: those politicians and businessmen who were urging us to join the euro 15 years ago.

They were wrong then, and they’re wrong now. If little Greece can stand up to the system, so can we.

So, Congratulations EU. You win the Nobody’s Perfect Award for trying to force everyone to live under your New World Order EU ruled by idiots.



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